Elements of Art Brianna MCcaffery

In this presentation, I will be talking about the seven elements of art : line, shape, color, texture, value, form, and space. I will also explain to you how to use them when you are doing art, like drawing or painting.

Elements of Art: Shape

The first element that we will be talking about is shape. The word shape has many definitions, but when you are using shape in the study of art, it is an enclosed space. Shapes are also limited into two dimensions. These two dimensions are called length and width.

Elements of Art: Line

The next element that we will be talking about is line. You may of heard this word in math class, but when you are using lines in art, it is defined as a point moving in space. Lines can be two or three dimensional. They can also be abstract.

Elements of Art: Color

Now let's talk about the element of color. I think this element is very interesting because it is produced when light is pointing directly to an object and then reflects back. In this element, there are three main properties. One of the properties is hue which means the name that we give to a color. Examples are like purple or teal.

Elements of Art: Texture

Another element is texture. In art, texture is used to describe how an object feels when touched. Texture can also be used by visualizing the object to find out how the object feels like. These objects can be two or three- dimensional figures. For example, a dice or a book can be three- dimensional objects.

Elements of Art: Space

This is another important element in art, which is space. You may also have heard this word in science class, but when defining space in art, it is referring to the distance or area between parts of an art work. In art, spaces can be light or dark in a two or three-dimensional form.

Elements of Art: Value

When you hear the word value, you might think of money. Well in art, artists probably use value in art to change the tones or colors in a work of art. Maybe to make the colors lighter or darker. So it is similar to the element of space. This element is probably used mostly in painting or artwork made from technology such as computers or tablets.

Elements of Art: Form

Finally, we will talk about the element of form. When you think about form, you probably think about the shape or size of a geometrical figure such as a sphere or a cylinder. In the study of art, it is showing all the elements united into one piece of artwork. This allows the viewer to visualize the artwork and understand what it is showing.

I hope you liked this presentation and I hope that it helps you and others to do art in a better process. Have fun learning about art!

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