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Lesson 1

What made you download it in the first place? What need does it meet? ​Write down the problem you think each app solves. What is its purpose?

Facebook: Friends and family used it. Communication between known people. It solves the knowing of thinks that occur around the world can be easily solved. Interaction.

WhatsApp: It was an easier way to chat with friends. The need of communication. It improves the ways you can chat with people. It´s purpose is communication

MLB: I like baseball. The need of knowing information. It helps me know everything about baseball on an easy way. It´s purpose is to inform.

Keynote: Perform my activities. The need of doing work. It makes an easier way to do documents. It´s purpose si to create documents.

Instagram: Friends used it. It looked interesting and nice. The needs of posting photos of yourself or anything else. Some communication problems. Its purpose is to entertain and inform.

Lesson 2

Idea Storm: Personalization on every app; make things as simple as posible; see only what you want to see; voice recognition with the apps; pre-download stuff so that you can see them later without internet; connection between the apps; share of information between apps; etc. I would like to focus on an audience from teenagers to grown ups.

Lesson 3

Write down who you think each app was designed for. What kind of person would download that app? Do you think the app will meet their needs?

Virry Educational: it was designed for small kids. A kid that wants to learn and play at the same time. Yes.

Noticieros: It was designed for adults. A person that wants to be informed. Yes.

Sing: it was designed for any person. A person that likes to sing karaoke. Yes

Clash of Clans: From teenagers to adults. A person that want´s be entertained. Maybe

MLB: From teenagers to adults. A person that want´s to be informed in baseball. Yes

Facebook: From teenagers to adults. A person that likes to have social media. Yes

Google: From kids to adults. A person that wants to have a browser from Google. Yes

Uber: From teenagers to adults. A person that needs to have a ride from one place to another. Yes

YouTube: From kids to adults. A person that wants to search for videos that are viral. Yes

Xbox: From teens to adults. A person that wants to have extra information about their account on Xbox. Yes

Word: From kids to adults. A person that wants to create a document. Yes

Crazy Gears: For little kids. A kid that wants to play something but at the same time is learning new things. Maybe

Netflix: from kids to adults. A person that wants to search for movies online instead of physically buy them. Yes.

Fox Sports: from teens to adults. A person that wants to be informed about every sport. Yes.

Colorify: from kids to adults. A person that likes to color stuff. Yes

Lesson 4

Ranking: 1. WhatsApp 2. Instagram 3. Facebook 4. MLB 5. Keynote

The WhatsApp is easy to use because of the very simple and practical way the interface is presented to the user. Whenever there is an app with a very complex interface it´s going to be more difficult for the user to get used to it and know all it´s functions.

Lesson 5

make things as simple as posible: This solves the problem where people don't understand or take a long time to find the way out on how an app works. This can actually be solved by an app. My app might or might not be disruptive. My app can do better on simplicity.

share of information between apps: This solves the problem where you need to sign in all your information every time you have a new app. It might be solved in my app. There are some apps that already have this technology or idea, but they are counted.

Lesson 6

App name: iStulp

Problem: Help students with their exams and homework's.

My app will store notes and share information between the users for them not to forget their homework or know what to study for an exam.


I can use an the accelerometer to identify if the user wants to use their device horizontally or vertically. The GPS is useful because it can focus on the country you are. Camara can be helpful because with this you can upload images instead of writing everything. Touchscreen will make life easier for the user.

Accelerometer: It might be difficult for me to apply an accelerometer on my app. I believe that for the needs of my app this is going to be useless. But it is still possible to make an app that detects whether the user is falling or if you are rotating your phone.

Lesson 8

Communication between users

share of information between users

access and upload of photos

reminder notifications


searching tab for new classes


video calls between users

online experts for help

Create exams for auto-studding

I can incorporate some features such as Handoff, Accelerometer, GPS, Camara and Touchscreen.

Lesson 9

Some of my app ideas all ready exists, such as having an agenda, reminder notifications, and the opportunity for uploading photos.


1. Calendars by Readdle-People really like this app because of their appearance.  2. Google Calendar- A very simple and easy to use interface.  3. 24me Smart personal Assistant - Simplicity is what makes this app better

Reminder notifications: 1. Reminders- It's an app that is already on you device so there is no comments on it.  2. Reminder, Alarm and Voice Reminders.- It is practical and easy to use 3. Remind: Fast, Efficient School Messaging- There is a very easy way to communicate with students

Upload Photos: 1. Instagram- There are some bug issues but in overall it's a very good app.  2. Snapchat - There are some little issues with some of the users but they really like the interface. 3. Facebook- people don't like the last update they made to the app because of the confusing interface.

Lesson 10

The design of our app should be simple, have an easy buy useful interface. Show everything you might need on the page, have a nice font for the letters, the use of shadows and colors to differentiate from one thing to another.

lesson 11

Instagram: this app has a very appealing icon because of it's simplicity and the use of color on it.

WhatsApp: This app the only thing that asks you at first is your phone number and a code. After that you are ready to use the potential of the app.

GOAT: This app starts with asking what are your interest or need and programs the app with what you chose.

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