Dangers of drugs By: Kendall Guagenti


"It is classed as a depressant, meaning that it slows down vital functions—resulting in slurred speech, unsteady movement, disturbed perceptions and an inability to react quickly." (Unit 5).

Alcohol is a drug and is not meant to be taken lightly. If a consumption amount is more than your body can handle, there will be possible serious effects such as loss of mobility, vomiting, or even death.

(Common forms are beer, whiskey, and vodka)


Tobacco is deadly and addictive. It has many harming effects on your body. It elevates heart and blood pressure, as well as constricting blood vessels. It also leads to cancers such as lung cancer.

"The psychoactive ingredient is nico- tine, a stimulant, but more than 4,000 other chemicals (2,000 of which are known to be poisonous) are present in cigarettes"(Unit 5).


Opioids are pain relieving drugs often prescribed to patients in need of pain relief. It is easy to become addicted to them. They affect parts of the brain that create emotions. (Ex. Morphine, hydrocodone)


Medication- Medication can help with withdrawal and overall treatments. Withdrawal can be helped with medication by helping reduce symptoms. Medication is often used with overall treatment to prevent relapse, help brain function, and subdue cravings.

Behavioral Treatments- "Behavioral treatments help patients engage in the treatment process, modify their attitudes and behaviors related to drug abuse, and increase healthy life skills"(Unit 5). Examples include out-patient therapy, which involves the patient going to a facility at regular intervals for treatment. More severe cases require inpatient, or residential programs where the patient lives at a center for treatment usually for 6-12 months.

A Story

Someone I know used to be addicted to tobacco, for over 10 years. They were a great person, but weren't strong enough to resist the urge of smoking. They were at the point where they were constantly fearing for their lives, and experienced the loss of loved ones from related addictions. They soon realized they needed to stop. Although it was tough for them, constant withdrawals and pain from the body fixing itself, they were strong and quit on a vacation, leaving their last cigarette and a few pesos as a tip for the hotel maid.


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