Graffiti... Understand what graffiti does to Australia.

Why people do Graffiti?

Why people graffiti you ask well the people who graffiti do it because they get bored. One reason some people do it is because they want to get chased by cops.

Difference between Graffiti and Street art.

If you want to know the difference between graffiti and street art well street art is when people actually spray neatly and make beautiful art on a wall, building etc.

Who is doing Graffiti?

Who is doing graffiti? Well all kinds of people do it even younger kids, because they draw on the walls, have a think about it!

What can we do to stop GRAFFITI?

If we want to stop graffiti then maybe only certain people can do graffiti?

Listen up everyone, there should be about 20 buildings in Australia for people to do street art and graffiti in or on.

Redo a park and make it for people to do graffiti if they want to show people and there would be a workshop on how to do street art and graffiti. The people that don’t do graffiti but like it they can go to the park and see the work that people have done.

Let’s say the people who want to graffiti they need a license, if they don’t they can’t do street art or graffiti!

You know how it said that anyone can draw back there well that’s right! Let’s look at younger kids, have a think what do they do, they draw on walls they draw on tables and they draw on the floor, it keeps going and going!

This is street art
This is graffiti
I don’t think people can do graffiti in the middle of the night because Australia will look terrible and people are just so sick of looking at the shops that aren’t being used and the shops have graffiti on them, what if someone was looking forward to using that shop! We don’t want GRAFFITI on our AUSTRALIA!!!
Australia and any graffiti don’t match.

We think some people want Australia to look bad

We don’t understand wanting to get chased by the cops. Does It make sense?

I really don’t understand people wanting to get chased by the cops, maybe it’s because they want to go to jail to be famous, because sometimes on the news/newspaper there are some people who are famous that are in jail, or maybe people want something to do because their bored.

In the can of spray paint it’s not good for the environment, if you catch a whiff of it, it doesn’t smell nice at all. If animals smell it they could die.

The Art of graffiti begins in the late 1960s in Philadelphia.

This is graffiti/street art round our school!

This is graffiti by some grade 5/6’s
This is street art.

We hope you’ve learned lots.

By Lyla, Luis and Simran.

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