Cyber Bullying and the Effects on you. Victor Tu

Social media is one of the powerful tool in this generation. However, some people use these tools in the wrong way.Instead of using social media to create a safe and healthy place for everyone some people decide to use it as a way to hurt each other and bash on one another. It also brings in a lot of money for the economy. Also as displayed above there are so many ways to access the internet and social networks that is makes it fairly easy for bullies to harass the victims.
A lot of times people look for approval through social media. Many people think that whatever social media thinks of them is what they really are like. Social Media if used correctly can help you with your problems. However, there will always be some people who abuse the power of social media and use it for attacking another person.
The most common spots for cyber bullying are Facebook, Instagram and Ask.Fm. In these 3 social media applications cyberbullying is quite popular.
A lot of the times cyber bullying can lead to depression or anxiety attacks. The images I have captured I got from a friend who was going through cyber bullying back in HS and how he constantly got Anxiety Attacks and went through minor depression. He also went through a phase in which he isolated himself, this was a tough time for my buddy so I tried not to include names.
When you are not healthy mentally a lot of the times you resort to drugs, alcohol and other substances. This may lead to abuse of substances which will damage your mental health even more, it will also destroy your body physically.
Cyber bullying is a very big issue that is overlooked a lot of the times above I have screenshoted of websites that gives professional advice about cyber bullying and how to prevent. To credit the site in which I got it from I will provide the links below after my text. The victims of cyber bullying often times don't know what to do and just suffer without realizing how many people are there to help them. Also many people are creating websites that prevent cyber bullying and phone/ tablets applications.


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