Moses Was Born

Activity - Create A Hero

Give kids a piece of paper and have them draw what a hero looks like to them. Have them share what they drew.

God uses people like Moses in His plan—people like us. God uses people who aren’t powerful because it shows that He is strong. God is the only One who has the power we need in every area of our lives. He has the power to free us from our sin. God called Moses to deliver His people from captivity, but Moses wasn’t the biggest hero in the story. The all-powerful God was! We aren’t the heroes of our story either, but when we obey God and rely on Him, we show the world that He is strong.


Read - Exodus 1-4


  1. Why did the new pharaoh fear the Israelites? (They outnumbered Egyptians, and Pharaoh thought they might side with Egypt’s enemies)
  2. What did Moses’ mother do to protect him? (Placed him in a basket and set it near the banks of the Nile)
  3. Why did Moses flee to Midian? (Moses killed an Egyptian, and Pharaoh found out)
  4. Why can it be hard to obey God?
  5. What are some things God has told us to do?


Take this time as a family to pray together. Ask your children if they have anything they would like to pray about. If you have a child who would like to pray, this is a great time to do so!

God, You are good. You love us even though we cannot earn Your favor. Thank You for sending Jesus to be a new and better Moses. Help us to willingly and joyfully obey Your plans for our lives. Amen.