From LPM to PDM January Week 3

Hey Jedi and Padawan. Today is a good day. A very good day.

We had a record high number of kids last Sunday. Outside of a special event, obviously.

492 kids in Fred!

I think we counted when we had 8 kids in the bathroom but, hey, I'm not going to fuss about that. Let's rejoice !

We are still in our 21 days of prayer and fasting. How is that going for you? I know getting here on week day mornings can be pretty hard, but you can join us online. As we start off this new year, we feel that God is calling us as a church to come together to pray and fast for all that God has for us in the year ahead.

“Is this not the fast that I have chosen: to loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, to let the oppressed go free, and that you break every yoke?” ISAIAH 58:6

I've been praying for you, mentioning you names, lifting up our teams, believing in a great year.

Limit or Leverage

Are you a “see the problem” person or a “see the possibility” person? This week Pastor Daniel challenges us to recognize that problems and possibilities exist in the same place. For instance, some of us think we will start pursuing the dream that God has for us as soon as we don’t have so many limitations. We feel limited by time, finances, or lack of knowledge or experience. However, by thinking INSIDE the box, these limits can be the leverage for everything that God is going to do in and through us in 2017.

Take some time to either re-listen to the message or dig a little deeper. The Spirit of God wants to do something in our lives, yours and mine.


I encourage each of you be part of this great night. Pastor Daniel has an "on time" word to share with us and this will be a night you DO NOT want to miss! I also encourage to invite someone you are currently developing - someone who is not currently a team leader, coach, or director. It will be held here at the Fred campus Tuesday, February 21, from 7:00 to 8:30 pm

Childcare is provided. And oh yeah, RSVP is necessary.


  • January 9th to 29th - 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting
  • January 29th VO @ 8:30 & 4pm and Baptism
  • January 24th - GROW 6:30-8:30
  • February 3rd - FEARLESS
  • March 21th - Team Night 6:30-8:30
Come on coaches, these times are specifically planned for you!!!
I will start meeting with some volunteers on Sunday afternoons, once a month. I will meet with 6 men for one hour and then one hour with 6 ladies. Pray for these moments so new leaders arise in those groups.

Specifics in environments

SALVATION: Small group is a great time to connect them to faith and salvation. If a kid wants to give his life to Christ, accompany him, give him a salvation booklet, take his info in order to note it down in our folders and finally, talk with the parents. You can do it! Watch the video, it's not good only for Christmas.


  • Keep those Small groups going.
  • Make sure your rooms are clean when you leave. Another group is coming after you


  • Make sure you keep ALL MATERIAL available for the 5PM team
  • I love it when I see you pray in Small Group
  • Make sure your rooms are clean when you leave. Another group is coming after you
  • Fill out you attendance sheets, they are not optional!


  • As a reminder, challenge our kids to keep pushing themselves during the week by using YouVersion
  • They can also fill out their cards during the week
  • As leaders of that group, have an attitude of worship when you join Quest 2-3 in the theater. They will follow your lead. Participate. I should see and hear you singing and having fun
  • Make sure your rooms are clean when you leave. Another group is coming after you
  • You're doing a good job of singing and having fun.
  • Keep getting there on time, it's a way we show Honor to your teammates, the kids and their parents
  • Make sure your rooms are clean when you leave. Another group is coming after you
  • Fill out you attendance sheets, they are not optional!
  • Keep on loving these babies.
  • Parents keep telling me how happy they are to be able to attend the service....thanks to YOU

Many of you asked for the possibility to find out if we could order new sweatshirt. Maybe. If the demand is high enough, we would make another order. So go fill the interest document.

If we go on and make a new order of hoodies, we will contact you

From LPM to PDM

1. Often, leaders operate from a “LPM” mode: Leadership Placement Mentality

  • We need a leader, we choose the best one available and, TADA! You’re a new leader
  • Fast growth brings that
  • “Need” mentality brings that also


  • People are not always ready for leadership
  • Usually not enough training
  • Learn how to swim while we push you in the water
  • Rarely have enough leaders…and followers!
  • Urgency is not rarely a wise counsel
  • Worse: when you actually NEED a leader, you don't have one!
  • You always have a lack of leaders
If you start training a leader when you need one, you are too late!

2. We should operate, actually, we need to activate ourselves from a PDM mode: Padawan Development Ministry

This is were you intentionally train, lead and coach people to do ministry

The things you have heard me say, entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.

1. When you are training your “NEXT”, your padawan, you honor our values

  • We choose Honor people
  • We empower potential
  • We fan the flame


  • You prepare for growth
  • Multiply your God-given talents
  • Create new spots for people to serve
  • Nature hates void: it will fill an empty place
  • Intentionally look for potential, for the privilege to share wisdom, know "how to do" and "how to be"
  • You will have a pipeline of people ready...even if it takes time.

There are no guarantees for the result that EVERYONE will become a leader...but I can guarantee you will not have leaders if you don't build them ahead of time!

To get to Timothy, there are a few steps.

4 step process

  1. I do, you watch
  2. I do, you help
  3. You do I help
  4. You do I watch

It doesn't start with Paul. It starts with Ananias in Acts 9: 10 to 18.

  1. So we start with an obedient disciple, Ananias (verse 10) who shows Saul the way.
  2. Then we meet Saul Tarsus, his jewish name, who is later named Paul, his greek alter ego
  3. We move to Barnabas (verse 27) who trains Paul
  4. Who then coaches Timothy who Paul calls his "true son in the faith" ( 1 Timothy 1:2)
But it all started with Ananias. It starts somewhere

We need, YOU need to consider yourself as ...

  1. A TEACHER IN THE SCHOOL OF MINISTRY: we care for people and show them how; we lead people by helping them fill the spot where they will be useful; we train people by coaching them
  2. A LAUNCHING PAD: we get people ready for the call of ministry...and not only full time ministry. We will plant new campuses, new service times. We will NEED more leaders
  3. A FACTORY: we duplicate ourselves...not for our sake, but for the sake of the Gospel, Lifepoint and also future campuses
  4. BEING PRICELESS: you become that when you share training, duplicate yourself. Nobody is taking your spot when you pour into your NEXT
  1. Become 3 deep in all of our leadership positions by June 30th
  2. Have 1 ready-to-go padawan each by February 28th
  3. Effective communication by February 15th
  4. Recruit 30 NEW volunteers by March 31st (we already have 6 of them in our pipeline from last weekend's VO)
  1. Matching Arena and your schedules by January 31st: new notes
  2. Arena Clean up by January 31st... so we don't cluster for no reason and allow new recruits to join quickly : communication lists active and precise
  3. Different "Weekly Jedi News": one for coaches and leaders, one for our team mates
  4. Training to come : "Recruiting", "3 questions to ministry" and "Parentalk"
  5. Meetings with possible new leaders : "See it, Say it"
  6. Speed up connection process : "Orientation & Connection Process"
  7. Do less, train and coach more...which doesn't mean you neglect your tasks!
  8. I will lead some VIP's once in a while
  9. ...
Let's move from LPM to PDM
May the Spirit be with you
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