Divergent Veronica roth

Divergent takes place in Chicago, where the population is split between five factions. 16 year olds take tests so they know which factions they would best place in. The tests don't confine you to the factions that they place you in though. The 16 year olds pick which faction they want to go to. Some people place in multiple factions, they are called the Divergent. Being a Divergent is dangerous because you are considered uncontrollable. Each faction has an initiation, if you fail the initiation, you are kicked out of your faction and you are rendered factionless.


Beatrice placed in three different factions, making her Divergent. Her test administrator, Tori, helped her hide her Divergence by remaking the test results and saying that there was an error. She placed in Abnegation, Dauntless, and Candor. She chose to leave her faction, Abnegation, and her family, her mom, her dad, and her brother, to join Dauntless. Dauntless is all about bravery and are the guards of the city.

Tris & Four

Beatrice meets Four after she jumps off a building into the Dauntless Compound. She does good in Dauntless until she has to fight Peter. She doesn't want to fight anyone, but if she didn't, she would be kicked out. Tris would rather die than become factionless. In stage two of initiation, Four monitors all of the initiates while they're facing their fears under a simulation. When he watches Tris, she is able to do something no one else is able to do, she can control the simulations. She gets kidnapped by Peter, Al, and Drew, but before they can drop Tris into the river, Four saves her. Four and Tris get together and Four guards her Divergence.


Not everyone in Dauntless is like Four, though. While Tris is still getting used to her new lifestyle, she has to deal with people like Peter, who are trying to show off to Dauntless so they can get the best ranks and jobs. Peter takes the title "Show-off" a little too far. He stabs Edward, the best fighter in his initiate group, in the eye, just for the number one spot. He has a first or last kind of mentality. When Tris starts doing well in initiation because she can manipulate the simulations, he kidnaps her and almost kills her.

Tris' Mom

All the parents are able to visit their kids on Visiting Day, one of the only times that transfers will see their parents. On Visiting Day, Tris' mom visits Tris and tells her that she needs to tell Caleb, Tris' Erudite brother, to research the simulation serum. Tris' mom tells Tris that she knows she is Divergent. Tris realizes that her mom was Dauntless because she knows where to go, and what happens in the stages of initiation. Tris doesn't know why her mom wants Caleb to research the simulation serum, but she figures that it's for the better.

Erudite Headquarters

Tris leaves the Dauntless Compound without permission to go see her brother at the Erudite Headquarters. She knows that she is going to face steep consequences when she gets back for not telling anyone where she's going. Once Tris gets to the Erudite Headquarters, she finds her brother. She tells her brother that Mom visited her, and told her to tell him to research the simulation serum. He asks questions, but Tris answers them with 'I don't know.' Tris starts to leave but is stopped by Jeanine Matthews, the head of Erudite. Jeanine suspects that she is Divergent, but Tris denies. Jeanine questions Tris more, but she is able to talk her way out of it. She is transported by an Erudite car back to the Dauntless Compound, where Four gets Tris out of further questioning by Eric.

Climax: Tris is Divergent?

Tris wakes up the morning after she visits Caleb, and everyone is like zombies. She doesn't know what's happening, so she follows what everyone else is doing. Then she remembers that she was injected by simulation serum in stage two of initiation, and that she must be unaffected by it because she is Divergent. Tris follows the others onto the train that runs through the city, to find Four, a.k.a. Tobias, waiting there. He is also awake, because he is also Divergent. They pretend that they are affected until they find out what is really happening. Erudite is using Dauntless to kill off Abnegation, so they can control the government. Eric notices that Tobias and Tris are not perfectly in sync with everyone else, and he pulls them aside. They are taken to Jeanine, who injects different serum into Tobias, made specifically for the Divergent, making him switch his friends into enemies. Tris' mom rescues her from drowning in a room, and sacrifices herself so Tris can escape. Tris, Caleb, Marcus, who is Tobias' dad, and Tris' dad go to the Dauntless Compound to break Tobias free of the simulation and retrieve the information about it. Tris succeeds, but her dad dies while trying to get to the control room.


The remainder of Tris' group, Tris, Tobias, Caleb, Marcus, and Peter, seek safety in the Amity Compound. First though, they have to focus on getting out of the heart of the city. The Amity Compound is located on the outskirts of the city, giving them more open areas for farmland.

Amity Compound

They are like the factionless now. The group seeks safety in the Amity Compound, and they get it under some rules. There will be no fighting under Amity's watch, and that everyone has to contribute to the faction whether by work or other means.


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