a lesson of your body Yiming zhang, Qi qiang

Scenario: A of high school in America has a fitness test in end of every school year in order to know their students general health. Last year, records shows that they had the lowest pass rate in all years. so the head master has decided to give his faculties a task of improving students health.

The adviser of sports department decided to create a new class that help students who want to improve their body strength. Since technologies can attract more interest for high school students than traditional class, he decided to heavily involve digital tools into the lesson.

our final goal is to teach high school students to learn how to create a exercise plan that focus on an individual him/herself on multiple directions by using digital media and technologies tools, and lead them to enjoys the process.

We planed to create a one credit course in school

  • the course will only be mandatory for students who fail the fitness test, but all students can enroll.
  • Its easy to get an A if you participate one 45 mins lecture per week.
  • The course will have 3 major chapters related to your body, though out the entire semester.

Chapter 1: Prepare

Learn how to determinate your basic body stats through digital tools,

Learn how to calculated what you eaten though software.

Smart Scale is one of the tools that help your measure not only your weight, but also body fat and other stats. etc

smart scale is going to be provided by school and positioned in school gym, smart scale is connect to phone though Bluetooth.

BMI measurment

easy to find on google

GoMeal, a calories calculation app, also give you idea about whats in the food.

Physical Examination

Chapter 2: progress

  • Use digital media to ensure correct moves
  • creative game-like fitness tools to make exercise more engaging
  • Use technology to avoid dangerous.

Full Fit app that helps understand correct moves

fitness game, make fitness fun

health band, your workout alert

Chapter 3, feedback and record

  • involve the idea of connected leaning
  • record your hard work and compete with your peer
  • show your changes, use google app to record all you did

Ask students to form a 2 or 3 man group. helping each other

Google apps

at the end of semester, every group need to use the digital media they choose to show their work.

for example, imovie, a website, compare photos slid show,

1: health issue and dangerous for injuries.

2: Students lose their interest in the lone term process

3: the cost of all digital tools

4: Grading

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