Ways to keep clean during quarantine By: Chloe murray '22 and karina murray '22

1. Make a to-do list

With so much extra time on our hands, organizing is a great way to capitalize on the free time and get something beneficial accomplished. To-do lists are extremely helpful when completing school assignments, but can also be beneficial throughout the entire day, especially without after school commitments to keep us busy. They can help to ensure that you don’t simply sit around and watch television all day, and according to The Guardian, “Studies have shown that people perform better when they have written down what they need to do.” Photo by Chloe Murray '22

2. Refold/donate clothes

Another activity to keep your life neat is to refold all of your clothes using Marie Kondo's "rolling method". This increases space and gives you the ability to see each item of clothing at once, which helps to keep your drawers organized. Photo by Karina Murray '22

3. Organize Google Drive

With all of the "Untitled Documents" and "Copy of____" documents that fill many students' Google Drives, there is no better time than now to place these files into labeled folders. This makes it much easier to navigate your Google Drive and access files, which can maximize academic performance as well as simply make you feel more on top of your school work. Photo by Chloe Murray '22

4. Declutter shelves and desktops

Photo by Karina Murray '22
Decluttering shelves and desktops can clean your room and your mind. It is also very satisfying when complete. People might often find themselves using shelves to store random waste, but sometimes valuables are stored also. Getting a box and clearing these valuables as opposed to throwing them out can create a cleaner look in your room or office. The process can make a huge difference in the appearance of your room or office. Photo by Chloe Murray '22

5. Organize songs into new playlist

Listening to music can be a great way to get things done while having fun, but having too lengthy of a playlist can result in several "skips" per hour. Organizing your songs into shorter playlists is a great way to ensure that only your favorite tunes will play. Good music can excite you to complete even the most boring of tasks. People who like a larger variety of music styles can organize their different types of music into corresponding playlists. Photo by Karina Murray '22

6. Organize computer screensaver

Opening your computer to a cluttered desktop can automatically make your mind feel more chaotic. Putting all of your screenshots and files into folders and deleting unnecessary files can maximize your feeling of productivity throughout your work day, especially now because everything is online. Photo by Chloe Murray '22