La Historia de España Max Lenz 8 Corazones

The Celtas were the first group to try to invadir and conquistar Spain. Iberios from Africa came later and took the eastern part of Spain. Celtiberos were the result of both cultures combining and making a civilización out of Spain.

The Holy Roman Empire invades Spain but it is too far from Spain to stay in power for too long. Many things like the acueducto and the coliseo are still in Spain from the Romans

A German barbarian group, the Kingdom of the Visigoths, were the next group to try to take over Spain. They took over Spain for a short period of time.

Moors took Spain from the Visigoths to escapar persecucion and ended up controlador nearly all of Spain for a while.

The Reconquista was a spreading of Christian religión to the Muslims over 300 years. Muslims said they would convertir but didn't making fake Christians.

Santiago was a Christian who wanted to matar all of the Muslims. He was a warrior who luchado for the north of the peninsula against the south of Spain. He is the patron santo of Spain because of this.

Toledo was the ciudad of tolerance during the Reconquista allowing Jews, Christians, and Muslims inside city walls together.

Fernando of Aragon was the Spanish king but did nothing. Queen Isabel of Castilla did it all for him. She unido the Christian kingdoms against Moors. She also the terminado the Reconquista.

Jews and Muslims in Spain either had to salir or be Christian. This created more fake christians so they asked the Church to torture them. They were told they could torture them and they did for a long time.

Daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella married Felipe of the Habsburg family. She went crazy and was considered a gold digger.

Carlos 1 was the son of Juana and Felipe. He declared himself the Holy Roman Emperor so no one liked him for that. He then cambiado his name to Charles V or the road warrior and defeated the Aztecs and Incas to make Spain rich. He uses Spain's riches to pay for his wars to help stop the Protestant Reformation and protect Christianity. He pasado the trono to his son Felipe II.

Felipe II continuado the guerra against the Protestants. He casado Mary Tudor of England and with a boy he can rule Spain and England for a while. Doesn't happen and England derrotas Spain even though Spain had a huge armada.

País and gente didn't like Spain to much so Portugal and England spread a rumor called the Black Legend saying terrible things about Spain causing no one to go there. El Greco also hurt Spain because he pintado things that made fun of Felipe II.

The Habsburg kings gobernó for a while and there was Felipe II to Felipe IV. Felipe IV was the one to take Spain through the Edad de Oro one of the best times in Spanish history.

War happens again in Spain. Royal familias fought to regla Spain. War ends in 1713, with Spain losing Gibraltar to the English. Felipe V, a Bourbon, rules Spain and royal family is still a little Bourbon today.

Bourbons were competent. They wanted to make Spain a modern estado.

War of Spanish Independence happens on May 2, 1808. Bonaparte is remoto from the throne and there is a parliamentary monarchy established.

Fernando VII comes back from France and makes Spain a totalitario country. He is in constant rule with liberals trying to expand the Constitution.

Isabel is Fernando VII hija who rules even though there is a lot of controversy if she should rule or not because of her gender. She is removed from power when 8 people sneak her room and decapitar her. King Amadeo de Saboya is on throne for three years and is then removed.

Spain is a republic for 1 year

Alfonso XII was a Bourbon back in the throne. Then dies but has Alfonso XIII. Spain goes on a downslide and loses a lot in Morocco. Alfonso XIII sets up a dictatorship and it doesn't work. They vote and see if they should go back to democracy. Democracy wins and rights are given to women they didn't have before.

Civil War breaks out over the new types of government. Franco's nationalist troops get help from Germany and Italy and eventually win. Franco is now the dictator and takes back all rights given and makes all smart people leave.

Suarez begins Transition making Spain a democracia. Felipe Gonzalez joins NATO and EU. Jose Maria Aznar grows economy and relationship with the US.

11 M was when in 2004 terrorists but bombs on trains in Madrid and killed 200 and injuring 2000.

Spain is now a parliamentary monarchy. Its royal family is still there but government decisions are decidido by Parliament and the President of the Government.


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