About Lorraine The Realtor of Travel

2017 Magellan Award Winning Luxury Travel Expert with 20+ of traveling, planning, booking, and on-site research experience. I believe that when you do what you love you can no longer call it work. Travel is truly my passion and my obsession, and I love to share this with agents who want to build their travel business to over six-figures.

Of course, I absolutely love to work with clients who need guidance to help them choose the perfect luxury vacation, Destination Wedding, or corporate experience.

I am a self-confessed foodie and wine enthusiast and have joined forces with amazing people to create custom travel Itineraries for fellow wine enthusiasts and wine club members. I recently won a prestigious Magellan Award for my Wine Club Program.

2017 Magellan Gold Award

I have several travel companies each specializing in a specific niche and within those companies have selected experts in the field to head the teams. I am blessed to be surrounded by some of the greatest experts in travel and I love working with them.

I really can relate to people who struggle to get their businesses started. In 2005, my husband died of cancer when my two youngest children (of four) were just 2 and 5. Following this tragedy I threw myself into work and followed my true passion and started a small travel company specializing in Destination Weddings - a new niche in Canada at the time. There were very few people who knew enough about both event planning and travel and I was able to combine both successfully and create a formidable reputation in a very short time. When I started my first travel business in Canada I simply had one older computer and one phone and very little funds and of course was now a single mum of four. Within 5 years I was showing revenue of over $4 million.

I then sold my business to a multi-national company and soon after retired. Early retirement is not ideal when you hold such a passion for your field, so I returned to the industry with a focus on the luxury market and supporting the development of new agents. I now have a growing host company with nearly 100 home-based agents each specializing in a niche and I am loving every minute.

I am currently speaking internationally at many travel and wine tourism conferences and enjoy giving back to help up-and-coming agents. Recently I have spoken at Cruiseworld in Florida, Travel agent Forum in Miami and Las Vegas, Romance Travel Forum Jamaica and both East and West Cost Travel Marketplace in Canada. I teach Tourism sales at Niagara College and also teach travel agents all over the globe in our Masterminds of Travel Program.

I am always willing to speak about my business to people interested in setting up their own travel business or simply motivation of new entrepreneurs. My particular interests in speaking include; Branding, Setting up and working from home, Growing your travel company and Niche specialty travel. I have a separate program just for Destination Weddings called Destination WEDucation

I am always looking for new agents and opportunities.

Want the Champagne Lifestyle? Join me on one of my Mastermind Fams

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