My Area By maureen bracken

A flash of gold
Embrace your shadow
Sometimes we must climb over the rocks to get to the calm waters
Let the light guide you
Focus on what you want
Be present and see Beauty
Everyone's journey is different
Sometimes we need a rest on our journey
Just be
Set off on your own journey
Let yourself open into joy
Maybe a different perspective
Hang out with like minded people
The sun sets on every day
Wake to a new day
Let things come and go without attatchment
Try a different way of looking at the world
When I look at my reflection how do I feel
Don't let the stones stop you from reaching your goals
Stairway to heaven
Our journey can take us out on a limb
Far east
Let go of your dark clouds at the end of your day
Set sail in the right direction
Where will the path take you?
Where will this path lead
Who is your mirror?
Which direction are you going?
What do you catch in your nets?
Life's an illusion
Go that bit further
Set sail to your dreams
What's behind the clouds
Painted skies
Sail into your deeper self
Follow your inner light
Look for markers
It's time to use your intuition
Make time to rest
Stay present
The eye in the sky
Embrace our differences
So many threads that make up one you
Embrace all parts of yourself
Express yourself
Look more closely at the nature around you
Be creative
Love yourself bumps and all
Learn to appreciate differences
Silvery moon
Dive deep
Colour your world with peace
Embrace the clouds
Sometimes you need a higher vantage point
Be at peace with yourself
All we need
Created By
Maureen Bracken

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