BINGA 2018

The Women Film Makers of Zimbabwe (WFoZ), the international Images Festival Films for Women (IIFF) in collaboration with Zubo Trust held their annual film screenings in various schools, villages and business centers in the Binga District. The screenings were done from the 26 to 29 September 2018. More than 2000 people attended the screenings and following discussions.

The project had a series of films screenings in the following places: Binga Rural District Council (BRDC) board room, Intale fishing camp, Mankobole church of Christ, Sianzundu Secondary School, Siachilaba Business Centre, Donga Primary School, Ntengwe Drop in Centre (Manjolo) and Twalyokezya Business Centre.

The film screenings were seeking to encourage the communities to embrace this campaign to stop the domestic violence/ GBV and early marriages and take note of some cultural practices that violate the rights of women and girls and eliminates such practices.

From the audience contributions:

Some of the cultural practices should not be followed as they disadvantage the children especially the girl child. For example, the appeasement of the spirits through the cleansing and sacrifice.

The audience advised each other to be very careful with some cultural practices that put the lives of the girl child at risk.

They vowed to report any kind of abuse to the police soon as it occurs.

The audience discussed about the lack of openness between the children and their parents especially on issues that affect children’s future.

Children must be guided not to be involved in early marriages.

The audience advised each other that people should accept their mistakes and we learn from our mistakes

The audience highlighted that some men are not responsible enough to take care of their families.

Peer pressure among the girl child and hence leading to early marriages

The audience agreed to end domestic violence at all cost

IIFF 2018 Harare Communities

The community outreach programme during the INTERNATIONAL IMAGES FILMFESTIVAL FOR WOMEN Harare, held in Mufakose, Epworth and Highfield, saw audiences from diverse communities engaging in the lively dialogue sessions held after each screening, during which the audiences were given a chance to relate film content to their lived experiences thus providing a space for them propose solutions to recurring challenges that most communities face. Nearly 500 community members attended the screenings. The community outreach programme focused on films that narrate experiences of women, children and men with violence against women.

The programme portrayed the struggles that women face and how this can be costly for their children, families and communities. The IIFF team made a deliberate effort to show films that focused on violence against women and girls during the community outreach programme with the goal of ending this problem. In recent times there has been increased violations of women’s rights in Zimbabwe, particularly amongst the economically disadvantaged.

Mukanya Premiere at IIFF Harare 2018

A deep and insightful conversation led by film director Siza Mukwedini and Angelique Larsen from the Swedish Embassy was held after the screening. The conversation emphasized the need to engage men to create safe spaces for women and girls. Ms Larsen spoke at length about the effect of the economic meltdown on the safety of women in public and private spaces. The pressing need to change perspectives of fatherhood, as a way of dismantling patriarchy in the Zimbabwean context was also raised.

IIFF @ MamaAfrika FilmFestival Nairobi 2018

The Partnership of IIFF with the Mama Afrika Film Festival is to connect with women filmmakers from both countries and rally with them in using film as a tool for social transformation, reach out to the women in both societies, encouraging them to be active, displaying agency and impacting positively on their own lives and communities.

Mama Afrika 2018 Screening Venues

Opening night at the Kichen, Ihub at Senteu Plaza, Kilimani.

• Multimedia University

• Kenyatta University

• Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC)

•Africa Film and TV Talent Training Institute

IIFF Community Screenings in Nov/Dec 2018

16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence


The IIFF outreach screenings in Chipinge 2019 were held at Bangira Village, Chinaa (Pfidza Township), Tafara, Musirizwi and Muswera. More than 400 villagers attended.

Discussions at the screenings centered often around the responsibilities of the communities to combat and heal cases of abuse and violence in their midst

The audiences promised to work closely with Social Welfare, traditional leadership to end domestic violence and child abuse. They want to carry the awareness to other community members to end the cultural practices that disadvantage the girl child.