My UX to UI Course Learning Journal Silvia Vogel

Adobe Education Exchange - UX to UI Course - Feb - March 2017

Challenge 1: Intro Video

TASK: Before you move on we would like to challenge you to create a short video on your phone (or whatever is easiest for you to create video) to share with the wider community following this formula:

What is your name? My name is…..

Where are you from? I am from ….

What does “User Experience” mean to you?

Personas: "A persona is depicted as a specific person but is not a real individual; rather, it is synthesized from observations of many people. Each persona represents a significant portion of people in the real world and enables the designer to focus on a manageable and memorable cast of characters, instead of focusing on thousands of individuals. Personas aid designers to create different designs for different kinds of people and to design for a specific somebody, rather than a generic everybody." Schlomo Goltz. Read the full article:

Class Assignment 1: The Problem and Personas

For Class 1, Identify a problem that you would like to solve as part of this UX course. Over the course of this week, find a time to conduct some observations or chat through some questions with people who would be users of this.

From your results use Illustrator to create some persona models.

PROBLEM: Design an interface for a web-based Curriculum Mapping database. This is based on a current work project. The idea is to be able to map expected outcomes from all levels:

  1. Learning object (micro level)
  2. Assessments and activities
  3. Unit (subject level) learning outcomes
  4. Course (program level) learning outcomes
  5. Graduate attributes
  6. External accreditation requirements.

By linking or mapping across all levels we can then identify (through heat-maps), gaps, inconsistencies, etc., provide a more informed plan for improvement and better reporting capabilities.

SETTING: Higher Education (University)

USERS: Teaching staff (Course / unit coordinators), Admin staff (Quality team), Learning and Teaching team. Users need to be able to input data, and extract data that is appropriate for their purposes, but a large amount of data will be populated from existing university systems (e.g. subject and course learning outcomes). In future, students will be able to get personalised data on their course progression in relation to meeting outcomes at all levels. (Leaving that for now and just focusing on Teaching and Admin staff!)

OBSERVATIONS: User interface needs to be role-based - not all users need the same functionality, so need to identify what each type of user needs to see/use. Teaching staff need to input data about learning activities and assessments from a subject level and course program level. Admin staff (Quality) need to extract reports to meet university, external organisations, and government reporting requirements. The Learning and Teaching team (Educational designers) need to find out how courses interrelate at the micro and macro level, to see the gaps and inconsistencies (heat-maps).

Persona 1 : The Lecturer

Persona 2: The Quality Officer

Persona 3: Educational Designer (Learning and Teaching)

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