Community Vision Impact Report Fiscal Year 2021 Q1-Q2

This report covers October 2020 through March 2021.

As a local collaborative partner in social equity and financial justice, Community Vision is responsive to California communities’ needs. This report provides insight into the ongoing impact of Community Vision's commitment to support community based nonprofits and enterprises throughout California with financial capital and consulting services. We chose to highlight our quarterly activities through our regional commitments and two major strategic focus areas, land access and wealth building for communities on the margins of opportunity, due to the essential role each plays in advancing our strategic priorities.

Place-Based Initiatives

Community Vision has made a commitment to place-based initiatives in order to ensure community-centered investment with lasting partnerships within the communities that we work. We see this as the best means to intentionally strengthen community leadership, build power, amplify outcomes, and connect with other communities to share models, resources and impacts. This long investment horizon builds trusting partnerships and enables work for deeper structural change.

Community Vision provides capital solutions and strategic guidance to facilitate community-owned real estate.

Community Vision is committed to using capital to create pathways towards racial and economic equity. Read more about how we are doing this with our Reparative Land Fee Program to support Indigenous leaders.

Capital investments to support land access and wealth building, as described above, account for 56% of our activity in Q1 & Q2 combined. The other 44% consists of financing to support health and human services, arts and culture, community organizing, and other essential services.

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