Death of Alexander And the division of his empire

During his final battles, Alexander is stabbed with a spear. The spear is removed and the wound bound up. While Alexander and his men travel back to Babaylon, his wound is slow to heal. It worries his generals and his doctor.

At the outskirts of Babylon, the Chaldeans meet Alexander. They also tell him he must not go west. It is the direction on the setting sun - decline. Alexander follows their directions just to please them. Changing his route takes him through the swamps.

On Babylon, the astrologers drag a guy from the street and place him on the throne. The idea is to put the bad omen on him instead of Alexander. The Greeks are confused by this ritual.

Alexander eventually enters the city. He lives in the palace of Nebicannezer. When it comes to a wine drinking party, Alexander is always there. He parties like a rock star.

Alexander is soon sick after entering Babylon. Now things get fuzzy. Ancients writing about Alexander's death differ in its cause. Doctors today differ in its cause. Alexander sitters feaver, stomach pain that cause him to cry out,, chills, sweats, and exhaustion.

It becomes clear that Alexander is going to die. His soldiers are allowed to line up and view their king one last time. Alexander is 33 years of age when he dies sometime between the evening of June 10 and June 11 in 323 BCE.

Alexander leaves behind a number of wives. The most important is Roxana with whom he had a son. Roxana and the boy will go to Macadonia where he will become Alexander IV. is TOO YOUNG TO ACTUALLY RULE,. Someone will need to rule for him until he comes of age. Roxana wants to be that person. She is rejected. She is not a good enough politician and she is not Macedonian. Young Alexander will eventually become king, but Macedonia is heading into decline.

The empire is divided into three. One third goes to the Royal House of Macedonia. One third goes to Alexander's greatest general. And the other third goes to Alexander's illegitimate half brother Ptolemy

Ptolemy is wise. He chooses to have Egypt. There, he and his sons will rule Egypt for hundreds of years to come. They will control Egypt till the Romans seize it and make it a possession of the emperor a Agustus. The last Ptolemy to rule Egypt will be Cleopatra VII. 

The City of Alexandra Egypt.

Alexander's imprint remains in Egypt. He founds the city of Alexandra. It becomes the center of Hellenistic Covilization in Egypt.

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