Brigham YOung University Drake Souza

Who will I represent?

After High school I want to broaden my skills and education by go on to college. Neither of my parents went to college, so this would be a first for my family. I think going to college is important, and will help me succeed later on in life.

What School?

After High school I would like to attend BYU. There I will I plan on earning a bachelors degree. Though I am not sure what exactly to get it in, I am excited to figure it out while i'm there.

Where is BYU Located?

BYU is located in Provo, Utah.

Provo is home to 116,228 people and is the 3rd largest city in Utah. Provo has similar weather to southern Oregon. Hot, 90 degree summers and cold, 20 degree winters. However Provo get a lot more snow fall each year then southern Oregon.

The application deadline is on February 1st!

The triangle below is the application triangle. This is what the school sees most important when filling out your application. The Essay is the least important part, but that doesn't mean you should blow it off, you must still do you best. Extracurricular activities like sports and clubs are the next thing they look at, so its best to get yourself out there. Seminary is a church related class that I take early in the morning everyday before school. The next one is academics. This one is pretty obvious. And lastly church endorsement. This is an interview we have to get from the leaders of our church before we can go to the school.

The city of Provo and the area around it is a big reason why I want to go there. There is a lot of cool things to do there. Campus life is awesome and even has Division 1 sports teams.

Why Do I want to go here?

I want to go to BYU because I think it will be the best fit for me. I like the environment, and the lifestyle of the city. I have been to the city multiple times and I think it is awesome. The offer courses that interest me and will challenge me to do my best.

Thank You!


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