Wonder R.J. Palacio


R.J. Palacio

R.J. Palacio- R.J. was born in New York City on July 13, 1963. She lives with her husband and 2 sons in NYC. She has 2 dogs and loves animals. She was an art director and book jacket designer for well know writers and not so well known writers. She said she was waiting for the perfect time to write a book, after 20 years she decided the time to write a book wouldn't come to her and she decided to just go for it.


Beecher Prep

The book Wonder takes place in NYC where R.J. grew as a kid. The time the book was written in present time. The book mostly takes place at August's school (Beecher Prep) their home and Via's school. The book also mentions little places like individual classrooms and some parts of the book take place in the cafeteria.


August- August Is the main character of the book. He was born with a lot of birth defects that make him look different from other kids. He went through dozens of surgeries to help the problems he has. August was home schooled by his mother for his whole life until he enrolled into Beecher Prep a school his 5th grade year. August is self conscious about his looks and he thinks kids judge him. On his first day of school he made friends some of them were fake and some of them were loyal.

Via- Via is the older sister to August. She love August very much and what makes her a great sister is that she doesn't complain that August gets a lot more attention because of his deformities. She had great friends that always kept in touch throughout the year and in the summer. One summer her friends didn't keep in touch and the following school year her friends had totally changed for the worse and turned into preps.

Mom- Mom is a vital character to the story because August and her have a really strong connection and she helps him through everything he has gone through. She worries about August so much that Via doesn't feel like she gets attention. Mom cares about her children and is a great mom overall.

Dad- The dad doesn't play a big role in the story through section 2 of the book. He does help August in the book but it isn't mentioned as much as the mom is.

Plot Summary

The summary of the book through part 2 of the book is about August and Via. The first part is about August and what his life is about and what is going on in his life. He talks about his schooling and his personal life. In Via's part she talks about her schooling and how August gets a lot of attention and how she got used to it. She goes through a tough time because her friends stopped talking to he over the summer.

Writing style

I like R.J. writing style a lot because she breaks the book into parts. Breaking the book into parts helps a lot because its specifically based on one thing and it's easier for me to follow. Unlike other books where everything happens at once and confuses me sometimes.


What I really enjoy about this book is that August has a lot of courage to go to a public school and not be afraid to show off his scars and deformities. I think that reading this book shows people to be courageous with their life and to take opportunists you are given.

What I dislike about this book is that it wasn't based off a true story. I understand that it still happens in everyday life but when a book is based on a true story it means a lot more.


I get a lot of themes from reading this book. The first one is "Don't judge a book by it's cover" August is a great kid and people think otherwise because of how he was born. Secondly " Be courageous" People need to be more courageous in life and take opportunities in life.

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