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I impressed others with my positivity, varied interests and commitment to growth as I shared my passion for improving in-school culture and taking on leadership to promote equal opportunities for all. I have clear commitment to further developing my interests and challenging myself demonstrated that I possess the abilities to really grow and develop while studying at YK Pao Secondary School, one of the most exciting international schools in China.

"Please never stop believing that fighting for what’s right is worth it. It’s always worth it. And we need you keep up these fights now and for the rest of your lives."

--- Hillary Clinton


Last 3 years for me:

-Found my own team, Field Study

-Stay as a Student Ambassador for 3 years

-Train all Student Ambassadors

-Summer Camp Head Counselor for 3 years

-Student Prefect for 2 years

-Coursera Mentor with Honor

Doing those kind of positions that’s 100% built on the energy and passion of our people. Whether you join as a volunteer in a country side or in a corporate role, you’ll never be short of opportunities to show what you’ve got. And if you like what we experience, there’s no limit to how far you could go here.

I believe in diversity. For example, I established a club called Field Study to promote a multi-cultural environment at my school. Our goal is to create a diverse team of students and establish cooperation and partnerships with multiple organizations. Our open environment supports friend-making among students from five other countries and we hope to add more over time. We welcome thinkers, doers, creators, cooperators, advancers and all who are excited by education, communication and charity.

We believe that success without a sense of moral and creative satisfaction is empty. We value quality more than quantity. That’s why our activities are steady and consistent, believing that we are more likely to have an impact over time. We build a team, aim for understanding among our members, and strive to impact our community. In particular, we stand for equality and acceptance of the spectrum of personalities, genders and sexualities. Although these ideas lack full acceptance in Chinese society, we promote them in my school through awareness events.

We try to gain deep knowledge, rather than merely reciting facts in order to receive good grades, and think about the future because our actions today have long-term effects. For example, in addition to taking IB courses, I have taken 25 online courses from Coursera in a range of subject areas. My parents feel my Coursera study will not improve my school grades. But one of things I really appreciate about Coursera is the financial aid program for students who have low incomes.

Embracing diversity only enhances my team's work culture, it also drives our Field Study success. It is the inclusion of these diverse experiences and perspectives that create a culture of empowerment, one that fosters innovation, economic growth and new ideas.


Heart On Fire Event, Nov 12 2016, organized by Field Study

Exclusive for my outstanding Language B Teacher

Why those text types? I encounter interpersonal conflicts in daily life with my parents, classmates and teachers. It’s important for me to learn how to navigate these relationships. As a student who takes a leading role among my classmates, I want to demonstrate responsibility and fairness. If I can impress others with a positive attitude, they are more willing to engage and make a commitment to improving the in-school culture. I am dedicated to further developing my interests and challenging myself personally, academically, and professionally as a friend, a student, and a leader. I want to improve my communication skills by studying different text types. On the pathway to success, I believe that the most important skill is speaking... So speech is the text type that I want to to take the closest look at.

10 other text types, I know you will take a close look at my work~

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I can understand how impressed you are at this point, and you definitely need some ideas about how to honor me. Below is a link that will provide you with great references.

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