Welcome 9/11/2020

Welcome to the Toddler Class! This weeks' focus has been on the children adjusting to their new environment, teachers, and other children. For some children the environment may be familiar but getting back into the routine of school and new children is an adjustment too. As children settle in we will continue to review classroom and playground rules, and grace and courtesy. This week in Practical Life we worked on: — rolling/unrolling and carrying a rug -walking around a rug -pushing/pulling out a chair -how to carry a tray -hand washing

Practical Life cont.

Pouring large item, Spooning large item, Tonging large item, Sorting items
Hand transfer into tray, Hand transfer apples onto tree


Basic shapes puzzle


Numbers puzzle 1-10


Name cards (Name/letter recognition matching)
Sound box, Emotion matching cards

Helpful hints to helping your child adjust to their new environment:

  • Remind them about what their schedule is going to be and the things that they will learn.
  • Letting them choose a outfit from the two choices that you have put aside.
  • Always giving the hug/kiss for the day :-)
  • A book we read this week in class was called “The Kissing Hand”.


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