My Childhood Gianna sabanov

This is my closest family friend's 3rd birthday party, it was American Girl doll themed
I was 4 in this picture and this one the only time we did a family photoshoot because it was a struggle!
Here I am at 3 years old at my first dance recital, my mom couldn't wait to put me into dance since she did it her whole life!
I would take that American girl doll baby everywhere and never let it leave my sight. This is also at my babysitters house where I spent most of my time other than my grandmas.
This is me trying to hang with all the guys in my family since I am the youngest and there's only one other girl cousin of mine! The one in the middle and right of me are my brothers, the one on the left is my cousin Alex.
This is when my brother's actually thought I was cute and yes I'm the youngest and only girl sadly... Eric= top left (21) Brandon= top right (23) Greg= holding me (28)

This video is made me notice on what I want to do in my future and inspired me to want to become a pediatric oncology nurse!

The main reason I took this class is to create more of a background knowledge of all things about babies and the specifics to help me in my future career!

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