Imperialism Nyle swenson

What exactly is Imperialism? Imperialism is a policy of extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military force. So basically its when a powerful country goes over and takes control of a weaker country, claiming it as their own.

Political cartoon showing how powerful countries basically just claimed smaller countries almost as if they are shopping

Imperialism is usually considered a bad thing, although there are some benefits of Imperialism, even for the country that was taken over. For example, if a country is extremely poor, and they are running out of resources, the powerful country that comes and takes over can actually give resources to the poor country, and help them rebuild. Although that all depends on the country that takes over, because there are also many cases of the powerful country coming in and killing, raping, and keeping people as slaves. So when you learn things like that its not hard to understand why Imperialism is considered a bad thing, and most the time unfortunately the second one is probably more common.

Picture of many counties fighting over China

Another thing that happens a lot is that many counties will fight for control over one country, a good example of this is China. China has been fought over for centuries because of how much land it has to offer, and unfortunately China hasn't been able to defend it completely. Many counties have hopped on the train to take over china, while none of them ever succeeded in actually taking over the whole country, but many countries did take a chunk of it. Countries involved in this include, Russia, Great Britain, Germany, France, and Japan. The crazy part about this is all of these counties besides Russia are smaller then China, and even though Russia was bigger then China, China still had more people. It goes to show that size doesn't matter its all about money and powerful military.

Imperialism from the United States

When you think of the United States you probably think of Freedom, and Human rights, but ironically The USA had been taking Freedom away from many counties. Countries such as Hawaii (which is now a state, but started out as Imperialism), Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines. The U.S. also has stakes in Liberia, Liberia was never officially claimed by the United States. Rather it was founded by the American Colonization Society, a private American civilian organization.

Political cartoon of counties scrambling to get a piece of Africa

Similar to China, Africa has always been a target for imperialism, because of the fact that it is so large, but has little military to actually protect it. Counties involved in Imperialism in Africa include, Britain, France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Spain, and the U.S. At this point what country hasn't taken a bite at Africa. In fact there is less land that is independent in Africa, The majority of it is owned by different counties. It seems like everyone and their Grandma as taken a crack at Africa.

Japan marking its territory in China

Japanese Imperialism is one of the the more brutal cases of Imperialism. It took place mainly in china, but what was different about it from European Imperialism in China is that it was fueled mainly by Social Darwinism and racism. Rather then just looking for more land, Japan was extremely violent while taking over parts of China. In most cases slaughtering the people is ruthless ways. Ways such as cutting their tongues off and other brutal things.

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