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  • Patriarchal=When men dominate
  • Laura Mulvey/The Male Gaze=How men are portrayed in the media as very masculine,strong and handsome and that women are presented as male objects of pleasure
  • Matriarchal=When women dominate
  • Leo Bennett=Personification in advertising.

How are women portrayed in the media?

Women are usually edited as the companies want them to portray the “ideal” body of a women, however no women is perfect in every way but even though it isn’t natural society still accepts it as beautiful. Men are usually portrayed as dominant and powerful in ads whilst women are shown as more submissive.


New Vocabulary

  • Marian Salzman=Marian Salzman used to work in advertising and her job was to predict what trends would be popular in the future. She identified 2 different groups of men and could what trends would be popular with those groups.
  • Metrosexual=A man who likes women that lives in the city, they tend to buy products that help them look more attractive.
  • Hyper-Masculinity=The dominant representation of men in films. They are usually very tough and handsome and used fighting to resolve problems.
  • Unique Selling Proposition=What is unique about the product that is being sold and why should you buy that product over others.
  • PT Barnum Create A Buzz/Gather An Audience=When an something is about to happen the company would put up posters to get people excited about the event

Levi’s 501 Ad

In this ad the main focus is the man as his physique and actions are drawing attention to him as you can see the women looking at him admiring his physique and the men looking at him in awe even though he is just casually just taking off his clothes to stone wash them. This is a representation of Hyper-Masculinity as the man in the ad is depicted as strong and handsome but quite clueless as he just sits next to 2 people in his boxers.


New Vocabulary

  • Bechdel Test=It asks whether a work of fiction features at least two women who talk to each other about something other than a man. The requirement that the two women must be named is sometimes added.
  • Dominant Representation=Most frequent and approved way something is represented however it may not be a realistic representation.
  • Alternate Representation=Most realistic way of something being represented
  • The Media Effects Debate=How much we are influenced by the media
  • Subvert=Making fun of something people understand by making it opposite.
  • Extra Diegetic Gaze=When the actor/actress looks at the audience.
  • Aspiration=What we aspire to achieve or again
  • Media Synergy=When 2 brands work together and they both benefit. E.g Calvin Klein and Justin Bieber
  • Product Placement=When a product is shown subtly somewhere else to advertise it (basically Media Synergy)
  • Female Gaze=When women look at a man who has the physical attributes that they desire


In this advert the target audience are actually females as they want to make the women buy old spice for their partners as it makes them smell “manly” when in reality it isn't really that special, however because the advert over-exaggerates many things such as the oyster with the 2 tickets inside which then turns into a pile of diamonds and at the end they say “anything is possible if your man smells like old spice” which isn’t true at all. Also in this advert the main model/actor is what females desire as he is big strong and quite humorous and all these factor cause the “female gaze” as the women like what they see so that makes them want to go out and buy old spice.

Modern Day Ads

In modern culture ads sell more than the product itself as in the adverts the producers make it seem that if you get their product than you will gain all the luxuries and gain the feelings that are shown in the advert which is the main selling point in ads.


In the lesson we learn't how male characters usually dominate in film and media . To test this we used the rep test which determines if a piece of media is gender equal or not. The movies which my group tested were Star Wars The Force Awakens And Ms Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children, These 2 movies scored ok on the test as the cast was a fair mix of male and female.

Facts About Consent And Sexual Acts In Hong Kong

  • In a survey of 22 countries, Hong Kong ranked 3rd from bottom in terms of people’s satisfactions with their looks.
  • Only 5% of the female population meet the media’s “standard of beauty”
  • From 2009-2013, the number of sex offenders in Hong Kong aged 11-14 has tripled
  • 58% of girls don’t take part in social activities because they don’t want to draw attention to the way they look.

We also watched a video about consent,however in the video instead of using sex they made it so consent was tea and how its like asking someone if they want tea.

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