Chapter 11 vocabulary Ashley murray


A force that acts at a distance.

A magnet and another magnet can be sometimes non-contact force.


A push or pull that acts on an object.

A magnet is a force that is very strong.


The force of attraction between any two objects.

Metal and lightening attracted together.


A force that requires two pieces of matter to touch.

Lightning is a contact force when it storms it is very dangerous.


The rate at which the speed or dicection of motion of an object changes over time.

When you are going down a hill on a bike or scooter you will accelerate by going faster down the hill.


The force that results when two materials rub against each other or when their contact prevents sliding.

When you go on ice there is no friction that is why you slide all over the place.


Simple machine made of one or two inclined planes.

When there is a tight fit of something they are wedging that thing in the space.


Simple machine consisting of a rope or cable that runs around a grooved wheel.

They will use pullies when lifting heavy thing to build.


The tendency of an object in motion.

When car is stopped then it starts you get jerked back that is caused by not moving then moving and sometimes not realizing it.


Simplle machine consisting of a smooth cylinder with a tiny incline plane wrapped around it.

When people are building they normally use a screw to pull it together.


A machine made up of one or two parts.

When you crack a walnut, or crab claw you use a simple machine to open it.


Simple machine made up of a circular object attached to a bar.

When car wheels safe going they are connected to a bar.


Simple machine consisting of a flat surface with one end higher than the other.

A incline plane is used to help lift something up to a hig thing like a big container into a moving truck.


A simple machine in which a bar moves around a fixed point called a fulcrum.

On a seasaw it is kinda like a lever you go up and down.

Chapter 11 vocabulary

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