CreoRAAma by Richard A Antonius. Together with me you can create your own unique psychophysical PORTRAIT in the style of Creo+Art.

You can commission a painting created by RAAntonius – a so-called: CreoRAAma.

Some words about the artist and his Creo+ART:

Richard A. Antonius is the inventor of a philosophical-aesthetic system - art style called Creo+Art. It is a unique marriage of fine art and science.

(More details about his philosophie, fascinating discoveries and his art style - in his CREO +ART PORTFOLIO. HERE.)

The “Creo+Art” system relies on a combination of 8 elements from the “Superdiagram,” presenting our Universe in a condensed manner. It is an original hypothesis on cosmology of the “Concentric Cycle Worlds.”

The basic idea of Antonius Code and CREO+ART:

The universe is self-similar and arises from its own image. Universum är självliknande och uppstår ur sin egen bild. Wszechświat jest samopodobny i powstaje z własnego wizerunku. La universo estas mem-simila kaj kreas sin mem de sia propra bildo. (esp) Le universo esta sel-simila ti krea se de sa propia imago.” (atlango) RAA.

All in our Universe is built of Creons!
The Antonius Code
Per easels ad astra!
Our Universe is dancing.
Beautiful patterns based on The Superdiagram

This system not only allows us to examine the mechanics and structure of the Universe, but also unveils its geometric beauty.


Matrix (The Superdiagram) + Patrix = Sacrix

Recently, Richard A. Antonius replied to the question: Could Creo+Art, similar to Tarot cards, or the symbols from the Book of I-Ching, be able to assist in the creation of personal imagery – so to speak, intuitive portraits of personalities.


Experiments in this field have led the artist to unusually intriguing discoveries, likewise in the sphere of esoteric art.

Currently, anyone who so desires can commission a painting created by RAAntonius – a so-called: CreoRAAma.

It is an intuitive creo-artistic portrait to meditate on or to contemplate one’s own mental-emotional and physical state.

Gallery AAA Antonius

A daily contemplation of such a portrait stimulates valuable self-reflection. A personalized creoRAAma also adds a new element to the design of one’s home.

CreoRAAma commissioned by my son Martin A.

A creoRAAma composed and signed by Richard A. Antonius is available in two versions. (Other formats can be arranged.)

1. Paper print, 80cm x 100cm – 490 € (cost of shipping included)

2. Canvas print (4cm thick), 80cm x 100cm – 690 € (cost of shipping included)

Other formats and materials can be arranged.

Creating of CreoRAAma

This is how an 80cm x 100cm creoRAAma is created on commission:

The Client (or the artist) shuffles and draws 8 elements consecutively from the Superdiagram of the Universe. Each element – i.e. creon, (for this purpose on a special cards) can also be drawn as a mirror image.


Example of drawn Creons:

RAAntonius uses a special cards. (Mental+Emotional)
  1. The first draw of the 8 creons relates to the mental-emotional state.
  2. The second draw visualizes the state of the physical-energetic organism.

Following this, the artist, in a meditative frame of mind, arranges a composition from the 8 creons (the figure from the 8 creons is called the Cosmotangram).

Cosmotangrams (8), Creograms (16-32), Creals ...

Next, along the guidelines of Creo+Art, the shape is reproduced (4 times), which forms a larger symmetrical figure (Creogram).

Many such arrangements are put together, but the artist’s intuition must hint which of the figures to choose for the culminating composition. The artist fuses the mental and physical figures together. There is space on the CreoRAAma for two such pairs.

In this way, the finished artwork is completed with the artist’s obtained data. It is as follows:

1.Personal signature. 2.Name and surname, or a pseudonym. 3. Plus the above-mentioned in capital letters. 4. Date of the commissioned “creoRAAma.” 5. Word or sign relating to the mental-emotional state. 6. Word or sign relating to the physical-energetic state. In addition, the client is asked to share their favourite colour, place, town, river... and so on.

With this data, the artist then creates a composition – CreoRAAma - a personalized, psycho-physical portrait of the client.

The client also receives access to the richly illustrated eBook: THE ANTONIUS CODE, where the author relates in detail how he discovered the Superdiagram, as well as how his cosmologic hypothesis “Concentric Cycle Worlds” came to be.

The Antonius Code is available on Amazon.

Here are another example of creoRAAma by Richard A. Antonius:

CreoRAAma for E.A :)


Let the artistic adventure of Richard A Antonius will also be your adventure!.

If we have already settled down together on the sofa, I invite you to look at other works of art, which can be purchased. These pieces are from the AAA Antonius Gallery.

Richard A Antonius Self-portrait in Creo+Art. Computer graphics + print on canvas

Contact me via e-mail: antonius@tele2.se with the subject 'Commission request' or 'CreoRAAma'.

Together with the artist R. A. Antonius You can uncover the fascinating realm of new symbols!

Here are some other paintings available for purchase direct from me:


If you want to know more about my artistic discoveries within cosmology - Read about THE ANTONIUS CODE

Created By
Richard A. Antonius


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