My 3D Printed Boat Clara Costello- Science 7

BEFORE the boat was printed: TinkerCad blueprints, reflections and explanations

What it looks like from the side...
My boat on the Tinker cad work plane.

BUOYANCY is the tendency of something to float. The buoyant force is equal to the weight of the water displaced. If the water displaced is heavier than than the part of the object submerged, the object will float. STABILITY, on the other hand, is the state of being stable. BUOYANCY and STABILITY are both important components of my boat. To make my boat BUOYANT, I decided to have a lot of hollow space in it, so that it is lighter than the water displaced. I put a hollow torus all around my boat to keep it BUOYANT and STABLE. I also put a pyramid-shaped keel at the bottom of the boat to increase the STABILITY.

AFTER the boat was printed: photos, videos, results, reflections and explanations.

Collage of different views of my boat

Here is a video of my boat in motion!

Calculations/ Results

Here is my data table... Since 0.195 N (Weight of the water displaced) is greater than 0.109 N (weight of the boat), my boat floats!

My boat was very successful in meeting the design requirements. Some people's boats held plenty of coins, but tipped when the water became rough. Others made boats with keels to help with stability, but did not leave enough hollow space and their boats sank. My boat was very buoyant and stable compared to other boats when tested by increasing the mass. It did not tip over or sink even when over 3 coins were placed on top of it, and huge splashes were made in the pool. Overall, I am very satisfied with my boat design: it may seem like a simple design- because it is - but it worked brilliantly.

If I could reprint another 3D boat, I would make the following changes:

  • Add a longer keel because the keel on my boat is so short it can't be helping much, the only thing keeping it stable is the torus
  • Make a more creative design, since mine is so simple
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