Abby Kent Aspiring FASHION PUBLIcIsT

Abby Kent is an aspiring Public Relations professional, currently undertaking a Bachelor of Media and Communication at the Queensland University of Technology, a university amongst the top 25 in the world for such studies.

Previously of Queensland’s tranquil Sunshine Coast, Abby developed an early passion for dance, and through both Primary and High School balanced her academic studies with dedicated training. Nurturing this passion for over a decade, Abby began working towards a career as a professional ballet dancer. Reaching the height of her dancing success in 2012, she represented Australia at the Youth America Grand Prix in New York City as a Junior Finalist, before relocating to Melbourne at 15 to further her training at The Australian Ballet School. After two years at the school, Abby completed Level 6 with a Diploma of Dance Elite Performance before deciding to focus on more academic pursuits. Moving from Melbourne to Brisbane, Abby enrolled at her local girls college, electing subjects that allowed her to satisfy numerous academic curiosities. The pay off of this being the opportunity to refine her writing whilst studying broad and stimulating subjects. She graduated from the college in 2015 with direct entry into the Queensland University of Technology.

Abby credits her unorthodox education for the development of some unwavering personal values. The pursuit of a career in the performing arts meant endeavouring to continually and consistently improve, often without seeing immediate result, something she believes has given her great tenacity. Making the move to Melbourne without her family dictated that she see herself through not only school, but the maintenance of a residence, and balancing her training with her studies. Abby attributes the development of her organisational skills and independence to this. Returning from Melbourne was her third move in as many years, and gave Abby the insight to realise that in order to find her way in a new or uncomfortable environment she needed to make herself approachable.

While studying Abby maintained casual work and has accumulated 5 years of experience across both hospitality and retail industries. Having developed practical skills ranging from food service and handling, to customer service and relations, her current employment at sneaker retailer Hype DC has introduced Abby to a wider spectrum of industry skills. Within the team Abby is expected to merchandise product according to season and visual appeal, manage current stock, provide customer service, and coordinate customer orders. Whilst striving for professionalism and diligence in the workplace Abby has refined her approachable nature and further developed her tenacity and organisational skills.

The decision to pursue a career in media and communication, was born of Abby's desire to culminate her past experiences with her current passions. Aspiring to work as a public relations professional with a focus on the fashion industry, Abby is eager to explore the ways in which she may continue engaging with and producing creative content in an industry reliant on collaboration and personal connection.

Abby Kent, photo by Abby Kent


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