SOL FC is based on a South American academy style structure; we carefully created an environment to maximize learning and player development. We are an academy style, developmental travel program. What this means is our training is done by age groups, as opposed to being split by teams. Some of our age groups have multiple teams, but they all train together.

The training sessions are designed to utilize the highest level of play from each player. In all of our sessions we match up players for competitive games and technical skills sessions. The process ensures that younger players are being challenged everyday & more experienced players are invited to play up one or two age groups in order to adapt to the speed of the game. We emphasize that our players learn to play intelligently and creatively- there will be time to rely on our strength and engage in physical play - first we must learn how execute every skill needed to compete intelligently.

Our focus is on skills and development, not just results and rankings. If you are coming from other clubs in the area, this may be an adjustment for you. We feel it creates better athletes in the long run and results will come with great training.

At the SOL Futbol Club , we are looking for that individual who is a good player, but more importantly is motivated and committed to learning.

All activities, both on and off the field, have been designed to contribute to futbol development.



The Futsal Training Facility

The club acquired its own indoor training facility in the winter of 2015. The FUT5OL facility serves as our main office and the clubs official clubhouse. The facility is located on 1000 Bowen Parkway, two miles off the Portsmouth exit and four miles from the Chesapeake Square Mall.

Futsal is the only indoor game sanctioned by FIFA. Futsal helps develop technical players - Futsal promotes quality touches in a safe environment - Futsal eliminates the injuries associated with wall collisions - heading or aggressive players colliding when the ball is airborne.



  • U12 Boys USFF REGIONAL CHAMPIONS (Charleston, SC)
  • U14 Boys USFF REGIONAL CHAMPIONS (Charleston, SC)


  • U12 Boys USFF REGIONAL CHAMPIONS (Charleston, SC)
  • U18 Girls USFF REGIONAL CHAMPIONS (Charleston, SC)
Futsal League 2017


Futsal is the new rage in soccer. However, as is often the case, United States is just catching on to what the world already knows. "Futsal" started in 1930 when Juan Carlos Ceriani, a teacher in Montevideo, Uruguay, created a version of indoor football for recreation in YMCAs. This new sport was originally developed for playing on basketball courts, His goal was to create a team game that could be played indoor or outdoor but that was similar to futbol.

Futsal has been around for over fifty years but the America’s interest in soccer skill development has only recently focused attention on the training techniques used in successful soccer powerhouses such as Brazil, Holland, Germany, France, Argentina, Spain and Italy.

How does Futsal promote better technique?

Just watch Futsal players fight to keep the ball from crossing the touchline and you'll immediately begin to see how FUTSAL develops skill, control, and technique. A small field with lines puts players constantly under pressure from other players and out-of-play boundaries. Players must learn to settle the ball rapidly, turn sharply, shield effectively, pass quickly and move into open space. Compared to walled soccer or large indoor field soccer, Futsal places a greater premium on ball control. There is no reward for errant passes because the other team gets the ball. There is no incentive to 'kick and run' because the field is too small and packed with players. Players with the ball must use proper technique to maintain control and must seek out other players in space. Players without the ball must move to 'real' space and must truly support their teammates.

Without control and technique you cannot expect to succeed in Futsal or Futbol: the argument that you cannot play futsal well but can be great outdoors is only used in cases where players lack sufficient technical skill.

How is Futsal better than Walled Soccer?

This topic/conversation only presents itself here in the United States, nowhere else in the world do people play with walls/turf/outdoor ball and truly intend to develop players.


As an offensive Futsal player, there are no walls to save errant passes. There are no walls to stop long balls. There are no walls to rebound errant shots. There are no walls against which to pin the ball or your opponent. There are no walls to help you if you lack the feinting skills to beat a defender. There are no walls to save you if your teammates are not moving into space to support you. In general, you must control the ball, use proper touch and technique, use correct pace, send accurate service, and truly work dynamic combinations.


As a Futsal defender, you can 'face up' on an oncoming player just like in outdoor soccer (there is no wall pass to beat you). You can let errant passes go out of bounds to win the ball (the proper result of your opponent's faux pas). Goalies and defenders can concentrate on proper shot blocking angles. You do not need to worry about long overhead balls, which should go out of bounds. You can drive an oncoming player into the side to break up break-a ways or outnumbered breaks. In general, you can practice and perfect the defensive techniques, which apply to outdoor soccer. You don't waste time working on defending against phantom players (i.e. walls).


Practice Groups

Our student athletes practice two to three times per week and are encouraged to attend our optional camps, clinics and training sessions.


Weekday practices will be held in NC Monday's and Wednesday's . We are currently trying to secure locations within the Manteo town of Manteo.

Futsal sessions and additional training will take place in gymnasiums if possible. The Fut5Ol facility will be available for training purposes for anyone who wishes to take advantage of the environment and facility.


Teams compete in tournaments throughout the year both outdoor and indoor (futsal). Teams U16 and up prepare for college showcases and college visits, we use these events to compete at the highest level - we do not enter tournaments that we are guaranteed to win, we enter tournaments where the competition showcases our boys and girls.


Our SOL Camps are designed to provide opportunities for players who have a very strong desire to reach a higher level of competition and skill development. In addition, we hope to attract dedicated athletes that are cooperative, attentive and disciplined.


The SOL FUTBOL training format will consist technical sessions, development of tactical awareness, top level offensive and defensive techniques, futsal tactics and much, much more! SOL Beach Camps are designed to create a fun experience, kids of all skill sets are encouraged to enroll !


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