Walk Two Moons: what happen when u walk two moons

Sal sees Phoebe looking at her through her window.

Sal looking out the window.

Sal taking a road trip.

road trip
MRS. CADAVER like dead body
Ben and Phoebe drew the same soul
Your mom didn't get kidnapped
My Mother has be kid napped go find her
My mom has came but i'm mad at her.
mrs.artridge put a note in the mailbox.
rs.partridge touch mike and thought he was Phoebe’s brother
Sal thinks she going to jail.
Phoebe wrote a letter to Ben saying she like him.


Created with images by upsidedown astronomer - "Last night's Waxing Crescent Moon" • mrkumm - "House near NMU" • paul_p! - "road trip and greece" • fiction of reality - "soul" • MTAPhotos - "MTA Police Baby Delivery" • Elizabeth Albert - "Mom & Sister #1" • Tama66 - "lost places pforphoto leave" • MiguelRPerez - "couple bride love" • 826 PARANORMAL - "jail" • sflovestory - "Letter"

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