The Ming Dynasty, truly one of a kind By: Farhath anzum

The Ming dynasty was known for being one of the greatest eras in history. By using the lens in P.E.R.S.I.A. we can see the most to least greatest accomplishments they are known for during this era. Which would mean by using P.E.R.S.I.A. it includes politics, economics, religion, social, intellectual, and artistic.

1. Artistic

These are three examples of ancient Chinese art work.

The most important accomplishment the was done by the Ming dynasty would have to be their art and architecture. In particular there are a couple examples of this, the Great Wall of China, printing and paintings. These all were great parts towards the Ming dynasty. The Great Wall was an on going built structure by each emperor and Zhū Yuánzhāng (the emperor during the Ming dynasty) happened to be the very last one to complete it. Printing was a huge part because it led towards writing which they advanced even more from the previous emperors, the Ming dynasty made writing better for the Chinese. Finally paintings told stories for the people so it was very much a belief thing for their culture.

“Major achievements were established in the fields of calligraphy, novels, and Chinese dramas" (Totally History, 2012).

2. Politics

Politics would come in second place because the emperor created a way to handle the delegations with six groups practically. “The six ministries were responsible for different administrative functions of state such as Personnel, Revenue, Rites, War, Justice and Public Works” (Totally History, 2012).

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