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Oprah Winfrey is an American talk show host, actress, producer and philanthropist. She was born on January 29, 1954, into poverty by a single teen mom and was raised in an inner-city Milwaukee neighborhood. Sent to live with the man she calls her father, a barber in Tennessee, Winfrey landed a job in radio while still in high school and began co-anchoring the local evening news at the age of 19. Eventually, Oprah took over the daily talk show called "A.M. Chicago", which had very low ratings. This show was renamed a year later to "The Oprah Winfrey Show" and became one of the most popular daytime talk shows of all time.

With the launch of The Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah became one of the most famous people in the country. Over 10 million people watched her show every day. Oprah also made a lot of money. Her show made $125 million the first year and Oprah's income was $30 million.


Birth date: January 29, 1954

Birth place: Kosciusko, Mississippi

Birth name: Oprah Gail Winfrey

Father: Vernon Winfrey, a barber

Mother: Vernita Lee, a maid (parents never married)

Education: Tennessee State University, B.A., Speech and Performing Arts, 1976

Oprah throughout the years


  • 1976 - Became a news co-anchor at WJZ-TV in Baltimore.
  • January 1984 - Became the anchor of "A.M. Chicago," which aired opposite Phil Donahue.
  • September 1985 - The show was renamed "The Oprah Winfrey Show."
  • 1985-2011 - Hosted "The Oprah Winfrey Show," the highest-rated talk show in history.
  • 1985 - Made her film debut in "The Color Purple," for which she was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar.
  • 1987, 1988, 1989, 1996, 1997 - Won Emmy Award each of these years, Best Talk Show for "The Oprah Winfrey Show."
  • 1988 - Formed her own production company, Harpo Inc. Harpo is Oprah spelled backwards.
  • 1991, 1992, 1994, 1995 - Won two Daytime Emmy Awards each of these years, Best Talk Show and Best Talk Show Host for "The Oprah Winfrey Show."
  • December 20, 1993 - President Clinton honored Oprah by signing into law the "Oprah Bill." This bill created a national database that allowed people to search for child abusers.
  • 1993 - Won two Daytime Emmy Awards, Best Talk Show Host for "The Oprah Winfrey Show" and Outstanding Children's Special, "ABC Afterschool Specials, Shades of a Single Protein."
  • 1996 - Started "Oprah's Book Club" on her show. The book club became very influential in the publishing world as selected books rose to the top of bestseller lists.
  • 1997 - Started Oprah's Angel Network, a charitable foundation.
  • 1998 - Won Emmy Award, Best Talk Show Host for "The Oprah Winfrey Show," tying with Rosie O'Donnell.
  • 1998 - Produced the movie "Beloved."
  • 1998 - Partnered with Oxygen Media, which planned to operate a 24-hour cable channel for women.
  • 2000 - Winner of the Outstanding Made for Television Movie for "Oprah Winfrey Presents: Tuesdays with Morrie."
  • April 2000 - Launched "O, The Oprah Magazine," and the Oxygen Network.
  • 2002 - Won the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award at the Primetime Emmys.
  • February 2003 - Became the first African-American woman on Forbes magazine's "World's Richest People" list, with a net worth of about $1 billion.
  • September 13, 2004 - Began a new season of her talk show by giving each member of the audience a brand-new car.
  • September 26, 2005 - Winfrey announced that she was investing more than $1 million to bring the musical "The Color Purple" to Broadway in December 2005.
  • February 9, 2006 - XM Satellite Radio announced that it had signed a three-year deal with Winfrey worth $55 million. "Oprah and Friends" began broadcasting in September 2006.
  • January 2, 2007 - The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls opened in Henley-on-Klip, South Africa. The school housed 152 girls from deprived backgrounds and provided them with an education. Winfrey reportedly spent $40 million dollars opening the school.
  • September 8, 2007 - Hosted a fundraiser for presidential hopeful Barack Obama at her California home.
  • January 15, 2008 - Winfrey and Discovery Communications announced that beginning in 2009 the Discovery Health Channel would be renamed OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network.
  • December 5, 2010 - Winfrey is honored at the Kennedy Center as part of the 33rd annual Kennedy Center Honors gala.
  • January 1, 2011 - OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network debuted.
  • May 25, 2011 - The last "Oprah Winfrey Show" aired. There were no guests for this episode.
  • November 12, 2011 - Winfrey received an honorary Oscar, the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award, from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
  • January 1, 2012 - Winfrey's new show, "Oprah's Next Chapter," debuted on the OWN network.
  • June 26, 2013 - Regained #1 spot for Forbes' World's Most Powerful Celebrities.
  • November 20, 2013 - Awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama.
  • January 15, 2015 - The film "Selma," in which Winfrey costarred, was nominated for an Academy Award for best picture.
  • October 19, 2015 - Winfrey and Weight Watchers announced a partnership in which Winfrey bought a 10% stake in the company and took a seat on its board of directors.
  • March 2016 - Forbes, in its annual list of the world's billionaires, estimated Winfrey's net worth at $3 billion.

Oprah's Life

There are a few little known facts about Oprah that made her who she is today.

  • Winfrey's mother was an unwed teen. Oprah had a few other siblings, including Patricia Lee who Oprah's mother gave up for adoption. Oprah has only recently found her long-lost sister Patricia and she was a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show.
  • Oprah's family was poor growing up, and as a child Oprah was teased at school for wearing dresses made out of potato sacks.
  • At the age of 9, Oprah was raped by her 19-year-old cousin who was babysitting her. Oprah was later sexually abused by her cousin, a family friend, her mother's boyfriend, and her uncle.
  • Oprah was pregnant at 14, but the baby was premature and died as an infant.
  • Oprah Winfrey is the first black woman billionaire and the richest African-American woman. She is also considered to be one of the most influential women in the world.
  • Oprah was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2013 by President Barack Obama.

Why Oprah is a role model

Oprah is a woman who came from an abusive childhood, survived various sexual assaults and a teen pregnancy, yet she is one of the most influential people in the world today. She is an actress, television host, producer, and philanthropist. She stands up for what she believes in when she wants something to change, and that is why she should be emulated. She is selfless and dedicated, which can't be said for most celebrities teens look up to.

Oprah has helped people for no profit for herself. She encouraged people to help Hurricane Katrina victims and her Angel Network raised more than $51,000,000 for charity. Oprah goes out of her way to help people, like the time she gave 50 high school students full college scholarships.

I also consider her a role model because she is a dedicated activist for children's rights. President Bill Clinton signed a bill into law that Oprah had requested to Congress. She assisted in the arrest of multiple child molesters. On The Oprah Winfrey Show, she featured a child predator list. Oprah pledged to reward $100,000 to individuals who provided information leading to the capture of those criminals. Nine fugitives were captured as a result of the list.








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