Where am i going? Goals

MY ONE YEAR GOALS ARE...... To help the community by giving back,
Help loving stray animals find a new home , pick up trash that i see on the ground and
Help plant new trees and grow more fruits and vegetables
SOME THREE YEAR GOALS ARE........ To get in a good College campus
To finish high school with good grades and have all my credits, to get a decent part time job when i'm done with high school and
to go to a different state and see new things
My 5 YEAR GOALS ARE... To complete college and graduate, maybe start on my career,
To actually visit outside of America, and learn a whole new language
MY 10 YEAR GOALS ARE TO ...... Have enough money to support my mom, already have my career settle in,
Live in m dream house, have good credit, and start my own family.
Created By
Maayanah Avent


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