English Garden Tour May 20 2019

A must see on any visit to the Cotswolds is a visit to Sudley Gardens and Castle, which has played an important role in England’s history boasting royal connections stretching over a thousand years. Visitors are offered the chance to walk the footsteps of past Kings and queens such as Richard 3rd, Elizabeth I and Lady Jane Ray. The secret garden is quite magical and they breed rare pheasants on the grounds. Inside the castle many interesting antiques and artifacts are on display including the velvet lined commode.

  • After Sudley Castle we were to have a short jaunt to Painswich Rococco Garden, but our original route had us going in from the south with a teeny tiny little street that had us all gasping for air and closing our eyes as Willie our driver tried to navigate a hairpin corner with our brand new bus that literally left less than an inch on either side. He decided quite wisely