Leyden Eagles Spotlight: Boys' Gymnastics By Alex Ramirez, Julian Morales, Ruben Enciso & Fernando Salinas

Juvontae Sykes, a current freshman, is starting his first year at Leyden joining the Leyden Boys' Gymnastics. Fellow teammates are considering him one of the best in the class of 2020.

We recently got in touch with this growing athlete and asked him questions about his experience and luckily he responded:

Q:What motivated you to join the boy’s gymnastics? A: "My motivation to join Gymnastics was to finish what I had started. I used to do Gymnastics when I was younger, but had to quit sadly"
Q: Who do you think is a great role model in the team? A: "On the Gymnastics team there isn't just one role model. I think our captains Gabe and Firas are truly two people who are motivated to do anything. They are the true role models of the team"
Q: Do you enjoy going to the practices and meets? A: "I definitely enjoy going to meets and competing. I enjoy going to practices because it is an opportunity for me to get better and learn new skills"
Q: What type of practice do you have in gymnastics? A: "We normally start practice with a warm up to get us all stretched out. We do handstand push ups, splits, and much more. After that we split up into our teams which are Fresh/Soph, JV, and Varsity. Once we split up we work on new skills as a team, and we move to different events during practice"
Q: What event do you enjoy doing? A: "My favorite event is Floor because that is what I compete, and I love doing it!"
Q: How is your season doing so far? A: "My season is going good. I'm still developing new skills to put into my routine, and at almost every meet my scores have been going up"
Q: What advice would you give to anyone who’s considering joining the team? A: "The advice that I would give any future gymnast is that don't be scared to try new things, and also be teachable. If a coach tells you to do something, go for it even if you fail, because at least they now you tried, and they can fix your mistakes"

You can catch Juvontae Sykes and the rest of the Leyden Boys' Gymnastics team at their next meet on April 28. It takes place in the West Suburban High School @6 pm.

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