my ideal career- -a language translator- by Nicole Hughes 10m

my ideal career is to be a language translator I really like this job because I would love to be able to speak another language and learn about other peoples culture background etc, through another different language. There are loads of different languages all around the world wide glob.

the qualities to be a good language translator is to know a little bit about the background of the language in the country your translating from . Also if a language translator does not have a passion for the language your translating or does not take pride in their work it will quickly become dull and will effect your output and quality.

the location of your place of work? : one of the many good things about being a language translator is that there are loads of different types of them for examples working in conference centre translating for government bodies/organisations . translating and learning children different languages in school and the one I like the best is an online translator because they will have the luxury to chose there own location of where to work wherever they want. they can even spend days on a lounge chair on the beach or in a cosy café its entirely their choice.

What subjects should I study for the future? To succeed in this job the useful subjects I would need are; a cultural and exciting language that I have a passion for, some subjects would be English and Economics e.g. how other cultural worlds work to get to know a little bit about their background.

What would I wear to work?; The pleasure of this job is that I can choose my own style appropriate for the occasion, something stylish but sophisticated.

The positive things about this job are; working for yourself, as you wont need a boss to tell you how to do your job or shout at you when you are doing it wrong or criticise you in any way. You are free to do work and do things your own individual way.

"Your brain works better than others" ; numerous studies have shown that people who are bilingual have a more present and organized behaviour during the hours of the day than people who only speak one language. Another positive point about being a language translator is that they can earn up to £93,000 a year.

some disadvantages of being a language translator is that at times you might have nothing to do all day and your might end up being really board and don't know what to do or on the other hand you could be so busy with work you wont have time to do anything you could be working all night and all day 24/7 this obviously depends on the number of projects that your company gets over time it also depends on the amount of work your clients give you to translate.


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