Pixton Create Comics with your students and explore different avenues of literacy

Every student is unique. Some students struggle with literacy in traditional formats. Working in a 21st century learning environment, it is important to provide students with opportunities to communicate stories and ideas using technology and innovative techniques. The use of comic strips and story boards allow for students to visually organize their ideas in a format that may spark their interest. Using an online tool to create these comics removes the challenge of fine motor skills and allows for students to create work that they can be proud of and be successful.

To get started you can visit: https://www.pixton.com/ to create an account. This program is free and available for all teachers to use, you can link your account with your school email address for access.

Kids imaginations will soar, and the possibilities are endless. Comics can be used as a form of assessment in any subject, students can creatively express their understanding of concepts
Students with special needs can use speech to text, using technology to create comics and stories is making successful learning accessible for all.
Thank you for viewing, I hope you try this program in your classroom!
Created By
Mary Murphy


Created with images by Lenalensen - "street art monster comic"

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