PROLITORAL Iniciativa Ciudadana y Profesional para la Defensa Jurídica del Litoral

Prolitoral is a collective formed by Ecologistas en Acción, the Asociación de Naturalistas del Sureste (ANSE), Amacora and other environmental and legal professionals.

After almost twenty years of social and judicial battles for the defense of the Regional Park “Calnegre and Cabo Cope,” the door is finally closed to further appeals by the developer.

This stretch of coastline is one of the few remaining wild areas along the coast of Murcia, and is home to endangered species and unique plant life.

Since 1992, the Cabo Cope-Puntas de Calnegre Regional Park has been recognized for its important ecological, landscape, and geomorphological values, including 700 hectares of internationally recognized habitats, among which are priority marine ecosystems.

The Park was declared 30 years ago but the regional Administration was not able to enforce the law and manage the area. This is a victory for all lovers of nature, for the future generations, and a great impulse for a change in the management of the coast in Spain
In October 2020, the Supreme Court of Spain dismissed the appeals of Iberdrola Inmobiliaria SAU, owner of a large amount of land in the Cope Marina, and declared the last Judgment of the Superior Court of Justice of the Region of Murcia of January 25, 2019 final, as a favorable decision to stop this short-sighted coastal development,
The Marina de Cope, was meant to be an enormous commercial and residential development with 9,000 homes, six golf courses, a marina, and hotels with 22,000 beds.
Coastal zones are among the world's most productive, valuable, ecosystems. They are also among the most vulnerable. Coal ports, nuclear power plants, liquid natural gas terminals, desalination plants, cruise ship piers, offshore oil and gas development, aquaculture, seabed mining, agricultural run-off, garbage, and tourist development all threaten coastal communities and ecosystems.


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