Tattoos on the Hart By Josh White

This chapter was called God I guess I feel like this means that some homies didn't realize that God was fully here. The story that this came from was in the first story. But my favorite story was scrappy because scrappy held a gun to father G's face and said I'll shoot his ass to. I feel like scrappy did this because he was stressed out about his life and he had a pretty good reputation, but the homie life just got to him in that moment.

This chapter is called success. I feel like it's called this because all the stories start off with the people failing, then at the end of the story is most of them end up with success or some knowledge of success. My favorite story from this chapter was LA shady. She's a big woman in after church one day she stood in front of father G's car and said that she had a dream. The dream was about her in a mass and she walked up to a caffein and rightnbefore she saw what was in it a dove flew out. Father G said this means peace but a couple days later she was shot in the back of the head.

This chapter was called gladness. I think it was called this way because people in this chapter always had a sense of humor and always had hope. I think with Hope and good humor that you are glad to be alive and where you are. My story that I liked the most was about Spider, he was a worker at homeboy industries and he went home and he always looks forward to watching his kids eat. He was such a good father that he never eat unless his children are full. After his children before that was the only time that he ate dinner. I feel like this is special because he cares more about his children and he does about his own life.

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