What is True Friendship? By: Elijah ford

The article “Friendship in an Age of Economics” by Todd May talks and explains Todd’s definition of true friendship. His definition of friendship is that there is three types of friendship. The three types are pleasure, usefulness, and true friendship. We all have that one friendship we hang out with just to have fun and have a good time with but they aren’t anything more than that. There’s also that other friend you hit up when you need something and you can use them for. Then, there's that other friend who’s always there for you no matter what and will be by your side at all times.

How i view friendship is similar to Todd May’s. There’s is that one friend that you use them for and hit them up for enjoyment, but are they really your true friend, do you call that a friendship?

In the book "Of Mice and Men" the author John Steinbeck shows all different types of friendship throughout the book. A good example of true friendship he shows is Lennie and George. In Lennie and George's relationship there are many times where you have to question if they have a true friendship or not. Some of the things George says to or about Lennie are not things that you would say about a true friend of yours. Such as on page 4, George says to Lennie, "Jesus Christ, you're a crazy bastard!". But the way George takes care of Lennie and watches over Lennie, you would think they are the closest friends you have ever seen. Their friendship lacks a lot of qualities of a true friendship. Lennie trusts George and looks up to him because George is all Lennie's got in his life. On the other hand, George wishes he did' have to deal with Lennie at all so he could live a better lifestyle and stay at a cat house on the weekends.

True Friendships has benefitted my life in a major way. Having a same sex friendship is a one of the best type of friendships because they are more likely to relate to some of the problems you face thought your life. Having a true friendship has helped me in a lot of because there are some things in your life that you just can't talk/tell your parents about but your friend is always there for you. True friends will bail you out of situations that you shouldn't be in and will tell you right from wrong and vice versa. The amount of effort I put into a friendship, I expect 100% of that effort back. A true friend will support you if you're or wrong.


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