Semester 1 Science Lindsey Roth

Science is the study of the natural world through experiment and observation.

Science can study: Plants and animals because you can measure and observe them

Science can't study: if someone is annoying or not because different people will get different results and you can't measure it

Supernatural because you can't prove that they exist they can't be measured and some people will get different results than others

Needs of life

Air, Water, Nutrients, Sunlight, Habitat, Reproduce, Respond to the environment







Structures and behaviors

A frog has strong back legs so it can jump high and far

A chameleon changes color to hide from predators

Fish swim in schools to protect themselves

Elephants have long trunks so they can reach plants up high

Scientific model example is a solar system model

You can use a model if you cant use they real thing like trying to show something about the earth you cant just bring the earth to school with you.

You can use a model to show something that you can't just show right there like how a tornado happens.

A system is a group of connected things that work together to do something

The idea of a system is related to the human body because there are different things in the body that connect and work together to do something like blood vessels and the heart work together to move blood throughout the body

A car is an example of a system because all of the things that are connect inside of it work together to make it move


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