What are the Main Types of Law By Isaac Inyang

Most Common Types of Laws

Civil Law (Group of laws used to provide remedy for wrongs against individual)

Criminal Law (Crimes against society)

Business Law (Laws that apply to business; include situations and transactions.)

Procedure Law (Define the ways legal rights and duties and enforced)

Substantive Law (Group of laws that define rights and duties)

Criminal Law vs Civil Law

Criminal Law - Laws that govern peoples rights, Cases are filed by the government against people or businesses, There is a prosecutor and a defendant, and They usually result in prison terms, fines, or death.

Civil Law - The group of laws that handle the wrongdoing done to individuals, Usually incur punitive damages and litigation is usually a remedy for wrongdoing.

Procedural Law vs Substantive Law

Procedural Law - Laws dealing with enforcing legal rights and duties; also tells how the legal process is to be executed. Determines whether remedies will be available.

Substantive Law - Laws defining rights and duties of conduct. They define the rights and duties.

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