African Kingdoms Ashlynn Kelley

Empire Ghana

The Flag of Ghana
The empire of Ghana was located in Western Africa.
  • Facts: The region of ancient Ghana is in south of the Sahara Desert and is mostly savanna grasslands.
  • Major rivers such as Gambia, Senegal, Niger rivers served as transportation and trade.
  • The main source of wealth for the Ghana Empire was gold and iron.
  • Slaves were used in the salt mines because it was dangerous and you got out of the death sentence.
  • The Ghana Empire lasted 300 to 1100 CE.
  • There religion was Islam and Christianity.
  • The culture of ancient Africa was a diverse and large continent.
  • Modern Ghana- Has a presidential republic.
  • There political parties are Conventional Peoples Party, National Democratic Congress, New Patriotic Conventional and Peoples National Convention.
  • They speak a lot of languages and have a collection of Ethnic groups.
They rode camels across the Sahara Desert.

Mali Empire

The Empire Mali was located in Western Africa near the Niger River.
  • Facts: There religion was Islam, Christianity, Animism.
  • Many small tribes and cultural groups were in the Mali Empire, most of these groups were considered part of the Mande peoples.
  • Salt and gold was there major trade, but they traded other things.
  • The Mali Empire was established in 1235 CE and started to decline in the 1400s and fully collasped in 1600 CE.
  • One of Mali's famous leader was Mansa Musa.
  • Current Mali has a semi presidential republic.
  • They have loads of political parties so i am only naming a few such as African solidarity for democracy and independence and Alliance for democracy and progress.
Flag of Mali
City of Mali

Songhai Empire

The Songhai Empire was located in the Western Africa and along the Niger River.
  • Facts: Songhai's culture became a blend of traditional west African belief s and the religion of Islam.
  • Slaves were used to transport goods across the Sahara Desert to Morocco and the Middle East.
  • Islam is there religion.
  • the biggest trade for them is salt and gold and they also traded other goods as well.
  • There is no modern day Songhai.
  • The Songhai lasted from 1464 to 1591.
Islamic Mosque
Flag of Songahi

Aksum Empire

Flag of Aksum
Map of Aksum
  • Facts: The kingdom of Aksum was located along the southern coast of the Red Sea.
  • Aksum was a perfect location to become the major center of trade.
  • They traded salt, gold, ivory, gems, cloths,glass and olive oil.
  • A famous leader of the Empire Aksum was king Ezana who helped there trade increase and expand the territory.
  • There culture was a blend of many cultures throughout the region.
  • There religion was Christianity and Sunni Muslim.
  • They were influenced by the Greeks, Romans,Egyptians and the Arabs.

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