Wyntre Cunningham's Genius Hour What would the result be if I did reading and writing activities with my little brother 2 times a week for 6 weeks?

Blog #1

For my genius hour I have decided to focus on my little brother, Mason's, handwriting. This is important to me because I want him to succeed at first grade.Helping him succeed would mean that that I have done something with my life. My goals for this project are to help him improve his handwriting for first grade. i plan on working with him on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. Each week I will take pictures of the progress that he makes and I will post them on a blog. On the blog I will post the pictures and then give a brief description of what we had did that week. The blog will be updated every Friday. Starting this project is going to be a battle with him. He doesn't like to do homework but I am willing to fight with him so that he can improve his handwriting.

Blog #2

I have learned that it is going to be a struggle to get him to do it. I have found ways that have made it kinda fun but not enough for him to enjoy it as much as I want him to. I want him to learn that writing is a struggle and that you get better as you practice. The thing that I have learned about myself is that I have a lot of patients for little kids and might think about help other little kids with their writing too. This week my that I used was Mason's teacher. His teacher said that instead of just having him copy the sentences to have him draw a picture, play with playdough to tell the story, or have hi just do an activity that makes him want to do more. From here I plan to start doing more activities with him and making him think more about what he is writing.

Blog #3

I have learned that doing more activities with him makes that little difference that he needed. Him having that little bit of fun makes all the difference. I started doing 2 activities with every 4 sentences. He writes then we do activities and he has fun with that. Doing the different activities makes him want to more. Sometimes we work and work because he is finally enjoying it. I have learned that letting the little kids enjoy what they are doing helps them with the learning part. Now that he has fun doing it he wants to do more and more. I just let him do what he wants to do then we set down and we talk about what he did. My sources this week was a website that gave me ideas on some activities that he could do and would enjoy. That website will help me find more and more activities that I can do each week. From here I need to find more things to do with him.

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