Great Expectations Ann Beall

"Do you entrap him, Estella? (Pip) "Yes, and many others- all of them but you." (Estella)- 244 Explain- Estella leads of men on, but not Pip, Pip is special to her.

The heavy slab that was to fall on the bed of State in the flush of Conquest was slowly wrought out of Quarry. The tunnel for the Rope to hold it in its place that slowly carried through the weeks of rock, the slab that slowly raised and fitted in the roof, the Rope was the road to it and slowly taken through the miles of hollow to the great iron ring. All being made really with much labor and the hour come, the sultan was aroused in the dead of night, and the Sherman docks that was to sever the Rope in the great iron ring was put into his hands, and he struck with it , and the Rope parted and rushed away, and the ceiling fell. So, in my case, all the work, near and far, that tended to the end , I've been accomplished, and in an instant The Bluest truck and the roof of my stronghold dropped into me.- 245 Explain- This is a very elaborate way of saying his life was crashing down before him.

" I was a little child, I hope you have shown your gratitude by mending your way of life." - 248 Explain- Pip is telling the convict that he hopes he showed his gratitude by fixing his life.

Summery- At the end of part 2 pip starts to realize a few things. This first being that the convict has been his benifactor all along. The second being that he knows he is special to Estella. And the third being that Joe was so important to him and he treated him badly.

Motifs- angry/confusing love, betrayal, realization, sadness, mystery, wealth.

  • Themes
  • Never assume you are supposed to love somone.
  • Never forget the love your family gives you.


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