A. Barnes art 1 portfolio

elements of design
principles of design
principles of design

This is my goal card. My goals for this year was to get better at volleyball, get fit, and to love myself. I play volleyball but I'm not that good, I made the team, but I need to get better at some techniques. I also wanted to get fit and have abs, and work on my endurance. I don't really like myself or body, so my goal was to love myself and for me to be who I am.

pretest photos
pretest photos
pretest photos
contour drawing

This was Ande making a pose.

gesture drawing

gesture drawings are drawings with one line.

bone drawing
value scale
2 point perspective

2 point perspective are where there are two points where the object is drawn to.

1 point perspective

1 point perspective are drawings where there is only one point that the object is drawn to.

penguins we made

Our class created the puppets. We made around 12 puppets, most of them were big but we had some babies. At first we cut out the cardboard, then we nailed the wood to the back of it so they could hold it, then we put paper mache all of it to cover up messed up spots and nails. Donovan taught us how to paper mache and also told us how to make it. After every penguin had paper mache, we added wings and feet. Then we would start to paint them. Dylan and I painted a penguin and I have to say it looked pretty great.

Donovan teaching us how to use the saw
us smashing bottles caps
class picture with our penguins we made

The puppet show:

We had the puppet show to raise money to send it to an organization in South Africa called LIV and Chatham United Way

surrealism collage

Alexis Barnes


My artwork looks like me. It represents who I am, or what I see. I love the summer and the ocean. My artwork shows all the animals who are fierce and wild, but so amazingly beautiful. The title is personal, because everything in here means something. The elements I used were scale, emphasis, and maybe some variety. My artwork looks very surreal and has dream-like imagery.

I created my artwork by thinking what I liked and my personal symbols. My artwork is made to be surreal. I used scale to make things bigger or smaller than they normally are. I used variety to show everything and also put emphasis on an item to show its importance and bring attention to it. I took things that don’t usually belong in a certain habitat and put them there. Like for an example I put a world in the ocean, and a lion in the sea.

The idea of my artwork was to emphasis my personal symbols by making them surreal. The world means life, and I love living life to the fullest. The waves mean calmness and perfection and its good for the soul. The windy air from the waves blowing through my hair in the sun is what I live for. All the animals I choose are fierce bold animals. The big idea was to make them surreal in a habitat that they aren’t usually in.

My goals for this work was supposed to be surreal and animals and items to be in different environments. It was supposed to look real. My goal was to show who I am, and the things I liked and how I like to show my emotions and how I work. My goals as an artist are to be good at what I am able to do. I know I’m not very good right now but I know I can get better, because I love to draw and doodle all the time. This artwork did not really meet my goal but at least I tried and put my best effort in. Why this didn’t meet my goal because this is not the type of artwork that I like to do, but it was fun.

While creating this work I learned how to collage and make artwork look surreal. I also learned how to do something new on PowerPoint, how to remove the background. The final piece is pretty cool, but I don’t think I really got what I wanted to out of it. I tried my hardest to make it look surreal but in the end you don’t have to be good at art to do this. I liked this project I think it turned out pretty well.

Surrealism: expresses imaginations and visions that are unrealistic using colors that pop and go together.

process photos
process photos
process photos
process photos

Alexis Barnes

Self Portrait, mixed media

My self portrait was created in my mind to show all my little details of my face that no one really sees. It shows my flaws all my highlights and dimples. This color scheme, was made because they are all my favorite colors. I choose an analogous color scheme and the colors were green, blue, and purple.

Pop art: is pop culture and media, especially as a critical or ironic comment on art values.

Alexis Barnes

Everything goes, ceramic mask

My mask is all about me, what I love and how I feel. On my mask there is a earth which stands for loving life, because I try to live life everyday. I also have waves because it represents my love for the beach and emotions because I have a lot of emotions. The knife represents bravery in my name. My leaf stands for the falling leaves at fall time or how beautiful the leaves are at fall time. My butterfly means calm and peaceful. My grandma also loved butterflies and purple is why I painted the butterfly purple.

In art this year it has really been fun. I have learned how to do a lot of techniques, paint, and also some life skills that I will carry with me through high school. We learned elements and principles and we drew pictures to go along with each one which was very helpful. We made a goal card which helped me with life skills and made me do things that needed to accomplish. Mrs. Burwell had a very nice friend of hers come in and teach us how to use the saw and screwdrivers and also how to make paper mache puppets, which were pretty cool. I think my favorite assignment was the clay mask because we got figure out who we were and the whole thing was about us. It was cool to see all the different masks people did and they all represented us. Mrs. Mintel was also a very good art teacher and was so nice. He would always be very kind when helping us, I’m also so glad she gets to move on and get a job. This art year has been great; I hope to be in your class again. Thank you!

Fav quote-

“To be an artist is to believe in Life” –Henry Moore

Norman Rockwell , Rosie the Riveter

I like this artwork because it is showing a woman who works and she is strong. Most people think women can’t do anything and it makes me so mad. The idea of “rosies” was that many began working in the workforces during world war II and most of the jobs were covered by women. So the icon “we can do it!” is all the women In the workforces but this is my favorite because the women were stepping up for themselves. I also love the color scheme.

Bridal Veil Falls, Yosemite

Bridal Veil Falls, Yosemite

Title: Bridal Veil Falls, Yosemite

Date: circa 1871–1873

Artist: Albert Bierstadt

Dimensions: 36 1/8 x 26 3/8 in. (91.8 x 67.0 cm)

Medium: Oil on canvas

Credit Line: Purchased with funds from the North Carolina State Art Society (Robert F. Phifer Bequest) and various donors, by exchange

Object Number: 87.9

Culture: American

Classification: Paintings

Department: American to 1910

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