Nature Utopia Mitchel franks

Come live in a place were nature surrounds you. Join a wonderful utopia were the trees surround you and were all you will do is play games, enjoy the environment that surrounds you. For too long we have lived in a world were people are looking at their phones too much and forget to look around at the me beautiful wonders of this world.
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Here in our community you shall go by this motto "look deep into nature and you will understand everything" You will learn the life skills that people these days know nothing about, surround yourself with animals of the wild and food fit for a king.

But living in a wonderful place like this requires some rules.

#1 No electronics allowed

#2 Must live in a tree house

#3 No violence

#4 Must attend school

#5 Leave behind all earthly posetions

#6 Respect family

#7 Must play outdoor games

#8 No drinking

#9 No smoking

#10 No purging

Our utopia takes place in a thick forest that stretches on for hundreds of miles with a lake in center of utopia were our tree house city is located. Our daily schedule consists of school and after its full of games of your choice, and hunting for food.
Our government is a democracy, we believe in the freedom of the outdoors and want all the people to choose what their day consists. Its a normal day except with the technology, and all the earthly things attaching you to the technology. We want a democracy government because we believe in the people choosing what the rules are.
Created By
Mitchel Franks


Created with images by FrankWinkler - "boat house cottage waters" • Artvision-So - "foam nature forest" • tpsdave - "lake molveno italy landscape" • Archbob - "sunrise lake water"

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