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- What about Van gogh?


-Van gogh style

-Critique + reflextion

What about Van gogh?

Vincent Van Gogh was born in 1853 in Groot-zunder and died in 1890 in Auvers-sur-Oise.

Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most famous artist in the world, as he used very distinctive techniques. He was born in 1853 in Groot-zunder and died in 1890 in Auvers-sur-Oise.

Van Gogh had six brothers and his was the oldest of all. He didn't get on with other people and all his relationships went wrong. His main friend was his brother,Theo.He studied in a boarding school until he was sixteen, were he then went to an arte gallery as an apprentice.

In 1879 he decided to go and help miners, without taking care of himself. This didn't give him enough money so he went back with his father in 1880 and started again to paint. He reflected his feelings in all his paintings and tried to reflect the life of the people who needed more help.

He then started to get art classes thanks to his brother and met famous paintors such as Tolouse-Lautrec. After this he started to get known and met lots of artist. They onced decided to stay all together for a time. This caused many problems and Van Gogh finally threatend one of the paintor, Gaugin. He was taken to asylum. It was there where he did lots of his paintings.

Two years after he comitted suicide.


One of the most influence in Van Gogh was Paul Gaugin. Three other main influences were Edgar Degas, Paul Cézanne and Frans Hals. However this paintors influenced him once he got to Paris. Before this he was inspired by Millet and Rembrandt.

It was also his personal life which influenced his paintings and his styles as he always reflected his feelings. It also influenced were he was located, like in the asylum, were his paintings were much darker and had stronger feelings.

Although Van Gogh had many influences he had his own style and is a great inspiration for many paintors now.

Van Gogh style

Van Gogh was a post impressionist artist who could reflect feelings, beauty... in his paintings using a very distinctive style. There is also a great evolution since he started painting to his last paintings.

He first started painting with darker colors and evolved to match brighter colors such as chrome orange and Prussian blue to capture better feelings.

Impasto involved more visible brush strokes to get texture and to get the correct light effect.

Impasto was the technique which characterized his paintings. He used thick brush strokes and having thick layers of paint on different segments of the Canva.

Van Gogh other technique was Perspective.

Critique + reflextion
Pollard Willows, 1884

I have chosen this painting since the beginning of the term and have worked on it. During this whole term we have learnt different Van Gogh techniques (perspective and impasto) and have applied them in our final piece.

The Pollard Willows uses a clear perspective and a good effect of lighting, used with pinkish colors.

This painting was done in 1884, when he sent letters to his brother Theo.

The painting could look simple at first, but that's what makes it really good. The texture and lighting effect it's what makes it a very good art work.

During the term we have learnt to work with perspective, by finding the perspective point and from there working with perspective. This means, wherever the perspective point is work in that direction. We also included the brushstroke. Trying to get a very similar texture as Van Gogh.

I personally have improved since the first class. With a lot of practice I have improved my technique to get a really good final art work. I have change sonó of tree positions to make my own and so it has a distinctive part. Its not perfect but I'm proud of my progress.

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