Be an Inventor A third grade project

Ever wonder what it takes to be an inventor?

As a class, we will come to an agreement for what each word means and how it relates to the world of invention.

You will write and keep the definition as notes for later

invent; useful; original; observe; brainstorm; research; design; construct; prototype; develop; marketing; patent

Over the next month, we will be taking part in the "Be an Inventor" process. First, you will learn about the inventive world. This includes the two main features of all inventions, the three qualities that we, as inventors, all have, and the techniques used to enhance personal creativity.

Next, you will be guided through specific steps to become an inventor. You will observe your world to discover a problem or a need. Then, you will design and build and actual working invention that solves the problem.

After that, you will design an advertising sign (poster board or digital). The "billboard" shows a drawing of your work, a list of materials used, a catchy, advertising slogan, and an explanation of how the invention solves a problem, benefits for a potential user, and you will make a sales pitch to your fellow students.

Here's an example from Madame CJ Walker's shampoo invention.


Created with images by Dan Zen - "Dan Zen - Mad Inventor Early History" • sarahcstanley - "untitled image" • TeroVesalainen - "mindmap brainstorm idea" • dennisflarsen - "motorcycle antique vintage" • dennisflarsen - "vintage track innovation invention" • pedrosimoes7 - "Emigrants Departing (1946-1949) - José de Almada Negreiros (1893-1970)" • Karen Roe - "London Discovery Trail 2012" • Karen Roe - "Lacock Village & Abbey (NT) 25-09-2013"

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