How Cheating Happens in School By Emily Crabtree

High School students are less likely to report cheating than younger kids, according to Stanford research.

This is a video on how cheating happens in High School.

There are many ways to cheat in high school, In this image, the girl didn't want to be apart of how he was trying to cheat.

In middle school, it is very easy for the kids to cheat. Phones, Computers, Hands, and Peeking!

One of the most popular ways to cheat is writing the answers on your hand.

This video explains how cheating happens in Middle School.

34% of self-reported High Schoolers admitted to cheating more than two times of their high school career.

Facts About Cheating in High School and College

Stanford Facts and Statistics About Cheating

ABC News Post about Cheating in Schools

28 Simple Ways to Cheat in School Using School Supplies

Elementary students usually just turn around and look at another student's paper. They don't have the technology at the young age to do any other ways.

High Schoolers are prone to use their phones to take a picture of another person's work and copy it that way. Students also use their computers and even writing on their hands!

This image shows ways to cheat in school.

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